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Las Vegas Trip Tips - Wireless Internet (WIFI) / Starbucks Locations

Sometimes its hard to break your hometown vices when coming to Las Vegas... we find particular difficulty getting motivated in the afternoon without a monstrous caffeine jolt from the great folks at Starbucks.

If you're an internet addict, going three-five days without access can be akin to having a weekend with gauze stuffed in your mouth. Fortunately for all of us, Las Vegas Hotels and Casinos know we love our internet and our Starbucks and provide them within a reasonable walking distance.

Most casinos have begun to go completely Wi-Fi, enabling internet access everywhere. So we've compiled a short list of known Starbucks and WiFi Hotspots where you can refuel your caffeine or information addictions between sessions at the craps table.

WiFi in Vegas

Apple Store - Fashion Square Mall
McCarren Airport
Most Coffee Bean locations

FedEx Kinkos 830 S. 4th Street (Downtown)
Most Starbucks, IHOP and McDonalds locations
Las Vegas Convention Center 3150 Paradise Road
Flamingo Business Center

Starbucks Locations

Golden Nugget
Palace Station
TI(Treasure Island)
Harrah's (3)
Boulder Station
Hard Rock
Planet Hollywood
Monte Carlo
MGM Grand (2)
New York-New York (2)
Excalibur (2)
Rio (2)
Luxor (3)
Fashion Show Mall (2)

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