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Even More Las Vegas Trip Tips - Flying to Vegas, Driving to Vegas from California

Tips for Flying to Las Vegas

  • Bring a bottle of water with you on every flight you take, high-altitude compression breeds dehydration... you'll want to hit the ground running when you get to Vegas
  • Use an anti-bacterial nasal spray when you buckle in, and after you're done with the food - this will help protect you from catching airborne microbes and keep you from catching a cold
  • Wash your hands or use some wet-naps a coupla times
  • A damp toweling of your face is a good idea if you're getting frustrated
  • On longer flights, feel free to organize a game of craps using the aisleway as a dice runner - you'll make friends and get some of the bad rolls out of your system.
  • Deal some blackjack to yourself and bone up on your card counting/basic strategy skills
  • DO NOT PLAY THE SLOT MACHINES IN THE AIRPORT! If you feel you must, send us the $20 bucks instead - they are the tightest slots in all of Nevada.
  • Long line at the Taxi Stand? Ask other people where they're going and consider sharing a cab if you're heading to the same hotel
  • Ask the cabbie to stop off at a Walgreens Drugstore on the way to your hotel for some basic necessities - nuts, chips, soft drinks, water, sweets, protein bars, jerky - don't dilly dally in the shop cause its costing you money

Tips for Driving to Las Vegas from Los Angeles

  • The 210 meets the 15 north of the 10. It's a faster route that is usually not congested like the 10. Plus, the scenery is better.
  • Don't leave after work on Friday night. You'll be stuck in traffic forever... if you can't avoid it, call the hotel while on your way so they don't release your reservation.
  • Traffic ALWAYS stops on the hill before Glen Helen. There's nothing you can do about it.
  • If you fly, consider driving. It's half the cost, less hassle and part of the experience. Plus, you can fill your car with stuff. That comforter you love so much? Bring it. Don't want to shell out on food? Bring a cooler. Can't live without that special brand of Vodka? Pack it. Got 'things' that you don't want to go through airport security with? Ahem... You know, STUFF.
  • Speaking of airport security, expect to add an extra 2-3 hours to your trip. Plus, you have to live within the boundaries of the flight times... which sucks if your raking in the cash at the craps table an hr before your flight time. Some people love to fly, we say it's not a bad option, but there are others.
  • For weekend trips, consider checking in Thursday evening. Traffic is minimal, check-in is a breeze and room rates are noticably cheaper. Those Friday night 1AM reception lines can kill you!
  • Always be nice to people at check in counters. We have learned from experience that a pleasant conversation and a little greasy cash can lead to a generous upgrade or a better view.
  • Packing a bottle of your favorite tipple and mixer for the hotel room is never a bad idea. A minimal investment in a Wine Tote Backpack is a great idea. They hold two bottles of booze, a necessity buzz maintainer when taking a break from the casino madness. It will easily and quickly pay for itself with the money you save from bypassing expensive gift shop liquor prices. Plus your Saturday morning hair of the dog hangover helper is just an arm's length away...
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