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Whether you're in town for a bachelor/bachelorette party or wedding, Super Bowl weekend, industry convention, a vacation or for a root'n toot'n gambling excursion, choosing a Vegas hotel to call home is an extremely complex affair. So many factors go into deciding where you want to set up camp, and making the wrong decision can not only be expensive but disasterous.

There are an incredible number of factors to consider including location, price, amenities, availability, past experience and the ever present concept of luck. Through our hundreds of trips to the great Sin City, we've found that the best way to choose a hotel / casino in Las Vegas is to pair your trip desires with your bankroll and begin doing research on which hotels best satisfy both. VegasTripping's Award Winning, no B.S., Hotel and Casino Guides are a great place to start. Read the guide, take notes and slowly narrow your choices down one by one until there's no doubt in your mind where you want to stay.

It's our goal to take the stress out of planning your Vegas vacation so you can spend all that time and energy enjoying it. Now go find a hotel!

So Whatcha Whatcha Whatcha Want?

People come to Las Vegas for many reasons, some come to gamble, some come for shows or gourmet food or to be pampered in stunning spas or for sex or to party or for the spectacles or Wayne F. Newton or for the ol' Griswold-style family vacation. Every Vegas joint does their best to suit every type of desire, but all have specific strengths and weaknesses. So below we've listed some basic desires and some joints that you might want to look into to satisfy each... keep in mind that this is just a jumping off point - dig into the Hotel/Casino guide for detailed information written from our experiences. It is SIN city after all...

Explore our Las Vegas Trip Tips (see links on the right) for a whole bundle of information and tips that will make your Las Vegas experience much more stress free, opening the floodgate for having a raging good time in Vegas. When you're done, explore our Las Vegas Hotel, Casino and Show Guide for insider information, editor ratings, and VegasTripping readers' reviews of attractions, restaurants, rooms, shows, gambling options and other detailed tips plus a healthy chunk of Vegas history.

Good luck!

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