Vegas Person of The Year // The Editors Choice

John Unwin : The Editors Choice For Vegas Person of The Year In Las Vegas

John Unwin

When we sat down with Cosmopolitan CEO John Unwin for an interview, his first words were "I feel like I know you guys... I think I'm scared."

In the early part of this year John Unwin materialized out of thin air, charged with boosting, building and branding the Cosmopolitan as it chugged towards a December 2010 blast off. He hired a crack team of experts who filled the Cosmopolitan with more great stuff than this space allows us to list and in process captured the thoughts, dreams and imagination of casino watchers everywhere.

For this and many other reasons - none of which have anything to do with his henchgoons bribing us with bottle of really top shelf scotch - the Editors of VegasTripping are proud to give the 2010 Trippies Award for Vegas Person of The Year to Cosmopolitan CEO John Unwin.

Epic honorable mention to the readers choice, Tropicana CEO Alex Yemenidjian.