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CityCenter in Peril : The Editors Choice For Biggest News of The Year In Las Vegas

CityCenter in Peril

Under cover of frosty air conditioning, as a mid-summer's death ray torched Vdara's solitary sunbather, the greater whole of CityCenter teetered on the precipice of a post-opening collapse.

The relationship between CityCenter LLC and Mandarin Oriental had become a Mexican standoff, Crystals was unable to snag tenants, Vdara was flailing, Veer wasn't selling, ARIA was giving rooms away, restaurants had hours and menu items slashed, unions gave concessions, employees gave blood sweat and tears and MGM and Dubai World brass had polar opposite ideas about how to fix the problem.

The board meeting minutes, leaked to us by an MGM insider, read like a casino industry whodunnit with Murren, Baldwin and McBeath left standing around a crater full of smoldering bodies, reaching for spades and bleach.