Editors Picks for Worst Rooms:

New Frontier

Rooms in Vegas are on an up swing. Witness the recent trend in upscale beds and decor. When you walk into a room at the Bellagio you can be assured that resting will be satisfying. You know that your shower is going to be hot and that you can most likely simultaneously answer the phone and watch tv while taking a dump.

But I digress.... Speaking of dumps, let's talk about the worst rooms in Vegas, in our humble opinions for the year of 2006. This year we got married at the Wynn. Most of our family and friends opted to stay across the road at the New Frontier, mainly due to the proximity and price. When booking these rooms we warned them that this place was a dump and that it was getting ready to get the explosion special, but everyone insisted that it was fine with them. That said, once they stepped foot in there, they all began to wonder if maybe the should have spent the extra $100 to stay in a better joint.

The place is busted, dirty, dingy, gross, tasteless and disgusting. The edges of everything are frayed, carpets are covered in cigarette burns, the showers are rusted over and there is a slight stench to the place. Maybe because they let dogs and cowboys in there, but who knows. All we can say is 'YUCK' and therefore, The New Frontier gets our vote for the worst rooms in 2006.