Editors Picks for Worst News:

Stardust To Close

We knew it was gonna happen eventually. What we didn't know was that it was gonna happen so quickly. Boyd Gaming, owner of the Stardust, announced the closing of Stardust in January 2005, with a target closing date of January 2006. Immediately after the announcement, Stardust's employees jettisoned for new digs at other properties, rendering Boyd somewhat unable to operate the joint. It was a mere six months later that Boyd confirmed that Stardust would officially close shortly after Halloween. It's not the loss of the building that hurts, its the name. Trading in Stardust for Echelon Place is just plain putrid. What is an Echelon anyways? They shoulda kept the name Stardust - at the very least for one of the hotel towers. Show some respect!