Editors Picks for Worst Entertainer:

Carrot Top

Oh man on man, where do we even begin with this freak of nature. Once upon a time, I worked on a film called Chairman of the Board. The star of this film was a comedian well known on the comedy circuit - a self-named Carrot Top. While I rarely interacted with him, he was kind enough to give me a t-shirt with the 'imagination is more important...' Einstein quote on the back. He seemed nice enough and a regular looking ginger dude.

Fast forward 10 years and here he is starring in his own Vegas Strip show. He also replaced his normal body with a buffed, veined, inflated muscled freakout, which fell far beyond anything beyond any imagination. Gross, right? Man, there is nothing creepier looking that Carrot Top all buffed out and I am not sure that I would be able to sit and watch him for 90 minutes.

This dude is GROSS and that is why we named him as the worst entertainer of the year.