Editors Picks for Best Poker Room:


There are many factors that go into deciding what makes up a good poker room. If we judge on class and organization alone, then Bellagio is the hands down winner. However, the games at Bellagio are usually a bit pricier and more competitive than what most Vegas Trippers can comfortably bankroll (and win). For this reason an editorial staff of poker aficionados was assembled to offer their opinions.. (Mr. Jackpots, Army of Bobs, Chuckmonster.) Many possibilities for Best Poker Room were bandied about with Bellagio, Venetian, and Mandalay Bay coming out on top of the heap. As stated before, Bellagio is always a front runner, in spite of noted exceptions. For 'experience' the Venetian's new room gets a lot of points - the tables, chairs, dealers, decor and management are all top notch... the room is usually less than crowded so hopping on a table seldomly requires a wait period. Mandalay Bay similarly exudes a good vibe for less experienced players - good management, good play, good vibes albeit a little small. Both Bellagio and Mandalay Bay lose a coupla points for their 'must move' systems.