Editors Picks for Best Buffet:

Wynn Las Vegas

The buffet is a place where, for a decent price, one can engage in an unparalleled expedition into the human capacity for gluttony. Buffets test the ability of the human digestive system by forcing it to process a stunning array of chemical compounds compacted into densely layered stratum of the indescribable. Like most Vegas visitors we walk away from the buffet experience grunting, groaning and searching for the nearest restrooms.

Wynn Las Vegas is essentially no different. Although the desire to engage in instant digestive punishment is tempered by the desire to taste, as opposed to eat. Wynn Las Vegas' The Buffet offers a stunning array of delicacies that are impeccably prepared, remarkably sprightly under heat lamps, and down right delicious. From kobe beef meatballs to fresh crab (not the mealy rubbery variety you'll usually find at the buffet line) to the amazing desert dishes, Wynn Las Vegas' The Buffet is far and away the best buffet in Vegas.