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Readers Choice

worst VegasTV Show: Dr. Vegas

With Vegas themed everything making a huge comback, pilots based in/named after/ periferally about Sin City were popping up all over. Many died a silent death, without so much as a whimper (Chapel of Love), while some took off and never looked back (Las Vegas). Then there were the ones that eventually fell by the wayside, with a big resounding flop.

Rob Lowe, 80's heartthrob, brat-packer and sometime amateur porn star was poorly cast as an in house casino doctor. Do these really exist? Who knows, but this show stank from the get go. It never took off, never developed any interesting plot lines and most importantly, had nothing to do with Vegas, sans setting and gambling addiction. Lame, lame, lame.

Stick to what you do best, Lowe - playing the gambler, not the doctor.

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