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Readers Choice

worst tables In Vegas: Venetian

What's that saying? Colder than a dead hooker's nipple? Something? Well, whatever it is, apply it to the Venetian. The tables are uninviting and devoid of life. The atmosphere in this place is lack - ing and the sub terranian casino does not hold on to the figurative heat. The tables here are sparce, the action dead and the party gone.

The Venetian has decided that theme is more important than gaming, and this could be the eventual downfall of the joint. As the strip starts to head back to the basics of Vega$, with stunning archetectural plans, devoid of pirates and fake french accented cocktail slangers, the Venetian will lose. Remember - gaming is always a sure thing and forgetting to take care of the folks that will eventually pay your social security is a flawed plan.

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