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worst slots In Vegas: McCarran Airport

It was a pretty close race there between 'all slots suck' and 'McCarran Airport', but in the end, good old McCarran won out, by a mere 8 votes! One VegasTripper disagrees however, stating that she once hit the $1000 Wheel of Fortune jackpot in the McCarran Airport slot lounge. The machines there were still dispensing quarters and she nearly missed her flight, running for her gate with the buckets and buckets of kizzy.

While that is a tear-jerker of a story, sadly, it is a rare one and potentially an urban legend. Airport slots, no matter where you are, are never a good bet. Not that slots in general are, but these in particular are a just a wee bit more evil. Truth be told, McCarran airport slots have their payback set in the mid-80% whereas most Strip resorts pay back from 88%-97%. What does this mean? Don't waste your money, go buy some magnets or other crap at the giftshop with your money. No competetion? Captive audience? Last shot at legal gambling? Please, these are sucker bets.

All hands on deck folks, this is gonna be (to quote the illustrious Ricky of the Trailer Park Boys) a double whammmy! mlm mlm

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