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Readers Choice

worst Show In Vegas: Celine Dion - A New Day

Either you like Celine Dion or you hate her. There really isn't much middle ground. Obviously enough people like her for 'A New Day' to be sold out all the time, and for Caesars to build a custom theatre for her show. But the odds on fact is that people who REALLY love the Vegas hate her guts with a passion, they will not go to her show if the tickets are free and are sick to death of her photo montage of invitro fertilization, her husband Rene's beard and that stupid song from Titanic.

With all that being said, 'A New Day' IS a technical marvel brought to us by the man behind some of the Cirque shows and Le Reve - currently derailing 6 nights a week at Wynn Las Vegas. It is a visually stunning piece of showmanship, but unfortunately it's centerpiece is Ms. Dion - at least thats what the readers of Vegas Tripping have said.

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