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Readers Choice

worst Hunk In Vegas: David deMontMollin

Well, it pains us, but David 'Mr. Henderson' deMontMollin has won the accolades for 'worst hunk'. Poor dude. Maybe he shouldn't have been so exclusive about the whole JC2K thing, he could have won some more friends. Well, Green Valley Ranch/American Casino's very own David won't be crying in his Grey Goose at the bar, rest assured. He is much too busy promoting his new book. And wiping his Prowler down with a diaper. Every hour on the hour. And making sure the Prowler gets enough 'Strip Time'. And making sure no one has parked too close to his Prowler. And checking his Prowler for dust. And Prowlin' the Strip for chicks. Rowrrrr. We luv ya Dave.

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