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Readers Choice

worst chow In Vegas: Circus-Circus

The Pink Pony at Circus-Circus is one of the worst dining experiences you'll ever endure in Las Vegas. Long wait times, grouchy waitresses, slow service, the food borders on nasty and the atmosphere just plain sucks.

The Buffet is 2 ticks higher on the scale, but the food isn't much better. Other options include a Tony Romas style joint and quick bite pizza stop. Other than that you're pretty much stuck with eating donuts or nothing. The sad part is that Circus2's neighbors have atrocious food as well. The Riviera - eww. Stardust... borderline. No wonder why there's a McDonalds next door.

Even the snack and supply shop right by the elevator sucks. Something happens when food enters Circus-Circus, it spoils immediately. Including a can of Dr. Pepper and Lay's Potato Chips. Get me outta here.

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