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Vegas Pet Peeve: Too Expensive!

Ê'Hey, man - let's head out to Vegas. I've got $20 bucks in my pocket, so we can totally get a steak dinner and a coupla shrimp cocktails'. Remember those days? So do our trippers. It was not all that long ago that $20 could get you a full meal, and while that was cool and all, do you remember where you were eating these meals? If you don't, head on down to Mermaids on Fremont street. Head to the snack bar in the back where you can still pick up a dog for less than a buck. Now, take a good whiff. Smell that? That is the smell of cheap food.

Yeah, the cost of things have gone up in Vegas and yeah, it totally sucks. Especially the part about rooms costing a grip. That said, what we get in return is luxury. So, yeah the low rent Vegas is gone, but shit, you can go to Reno if thats what you want.

Anyhow, the Trippers unite on the biggest pet peeve of the year: $$$$$.

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