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Editors Choice

worst VegasTV Show: Caesars 24/7

Rumor has it that while this show was airing, the gravitational pull of the Western Hemisphere was so affected, potentially changing the position of the earth forever. It was attributed to the magnitude of suck that was being beamed in to our airspace.Ê

Man, did this show suck. Not only did it insult and demean the glory that is/was Ceasars, it insulted the viewing audience as well. Were we meant to believe that these 'skits' were real? They couldn't have possibly... Ê

This is also the show that 'launched' Brandy 'Krusty' Beavers to the world. And by golly, did the world really need another set of tits and teeth with blonde hair, too much eye makeup and a not-too-attractive puffy face? I don't think so.

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