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Editors Choice

worst Implosion in Vegas: Flamingo

If any gaming company had the audacity to blow up the Flamingo and replace it with a stupid and extremely temporary themed garbage casino with a Billy Ray Cyrus burger joint, Jessica Simpson in the showroom and exorbitant rates it would have to be Harrahs. Now that Harrah's owns the bulk of casinos stretching from Paris to Ballys to Flamingo to Imperial Palace to Harrah's flagship, the word on the street is they will all be imploded to be replaced by a mondo mega-resort to be built in stages. This is all conjecture right now, but the folks at Harrah's are taking all of this into consideration. Does this mean that the famed Billy Wilkerson joint / Bugsy Siegel disaster will be turned into dust and completely forgotten? Probably. Does this mean that all vegas visitors will join together and boycott Harrah's nationally if they do this? Yes it does. So, Mr. Loveman, if you're reading this... please don't blow up the Flamingo - it's a protected species.

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