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Editor Awards: Random Oddities

Vegas Travesty: NASCAR Cafe at Sahara

The most embarrasing attraction in Las Vegas is the NASCAR Cafe at Sahara. While on the outside and inside Sahara exudes a genuine class. Its a 60's posh vibe but not downtrodden. Enter the monument to beer drinking knuckleheads the world over - Vegas meets Talladega at the NASCAR Cafe. A sore thumb if ever there were one. Please remove it.

Best Elvis: Pete 'Big Elvis' Vallee

A hunka hunka hunka hunka hunka hunka hunka hunka hunka hunka hunka hunka hunka hunka hunka hunka hunka hunka BURNIN LOVE. Not only does he sound like Elvis, he kinda looks like Elvis too - in fact he claims to be the illegitimate sone of The King. Hands down, Big Elvis is the BEST ELVIS IN VEGAS.

Best Place to Get Laid : Hard Rock

The Hard Rock (and Palms) are THE places to be young and single and doin lots of mingling. Even their restaurant is called the Pink Taco Beejesus! During the day mingle at the beach with the buffest babes and boys in Vegas, at night court guys in zoot suits and girls in low cut tight dresses at night. This is THE place to score.

Best Pancakes: Wynn Las Vegas

The VegasTripping posse has stayed at nearly every hotel in town and tasted nearly every pancake offered (including Dennys next to Casino Royale) and NO ONE... and we mean N O O N E... comes close to the pancakes offered at Wynn Las Vegas. These are the tastiest little fried flour discs you'll ever eat in your life. Fluffy, crispy, moist, subtly spicy and sweet. You've got to eat em to believe em.

Best Babe in a Really Bad Vegas Movie: Gina Gershon

The only remotely redeeming feature (besides the over acting by Elizabeth Berkeley) from "Showgirls" is surely the smoldering hotness of Gina Gershon. She actually looks like she's loving the lesbo love scenes. Two boner's up!

Best Babe in a Good Vegas Movie: Elizabeth Shue

She plays a hooker who falls in love with a former screenwriter who has head to Vegas to drink himself to death. Remarkably, they find love during his last weeks. Any woman who pours booze all over her body during sex is OK in our book. Another two boners up!

Best Actor in a Good Vegas Movie: Johnny Depp

Could Hunter S. Thompson's ticks have been portrayed any better? For this and other large hearted deeds we are proud to present the Best Actor In A Good Vegas Movie to Mr. Depp. Depp will reprise his role as Hunter S. Thompson is the upcoming "The Rum Diaries" movie. Can't wait.

Best Website: Wynn Las Vegas

It's flash, but it's pretty slick... with large finely photographed images of the hotel, sliding navigation bars and the inimitable Steve Wynn giving us a personal voice over tour of the site and the property. THIS is what a resort website should look like. KUDOS! One drawback is that if you don't have flash ability you're fucked... but than again, if your computer can't do flash, you probably can't afford to go there.

Best Craps Table: O'Sheas Casino

10 steps from the strip lies the greatest craps table in Vegas. Hot action going all times of day or night with fun crew, hot dice and great drink service. This is the funnest craps table in town and youre just steps away from the hustle and bustle of the strip.

Worst Casino Carpeting: TI

Really now.

It looks like puke.

Visit David Schwartz' gallery of casino carpeting for even more wretching displays of grotesque trodden upons.

Worst Vegas Headliner Rumor: Jessica Simpson

Yah she's got a decent set of cans and a shapely figure, and surprisingly she can belt out a coupla of real screaming notes with her voice, but hasn't this biatch just overstayed her 15 minutes of fame. Really now... we can only pray that the casino owners don't replace Celine Dion with Jessica Simpson when her contract is up at Caesars.

What The Fuck? Carrot Top

Dial down the middle 1 - 8 0 0 - R O I D S!

Did you know that:
- Carrot Top's real name is Scott Thompson?
- Carrot Top signed a 3 year deal at LuXor?
- Carrot Top's eyebrows are NOT waxed