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Editors Choice

best slots in Vegas: Wynn Las Vegas

So Bonus Bingo is a sham. But damn are these seats comfy! And the machines are brand new! And the drink server brought me two colorado bulldogs to go on top of the two she just brought 3 minutes ago. There's foot rests too... and the pay schedule on the video poker isn't too shabby either. The Red White and Blue machines over by La Bete leak money, and the Wheel of Fortune just paid for our room. Everybody in our group is running around with white tickets and more cash in their pockets than what they came in with. Can this be a dream? Le Reve? Yes it is... it's the Wynn Las Vegas slot floor - the most technologically advanced and downright comfortable places to be in all of Vegas. Sure, there's ringing of winners going off, but you can actually talk to the person next to you at a whisper level, and you can walk through the casino without being held up for 10 minutes by an oxygen tank clogged thouroughfare. Thank heavens... why go anywhere else.

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