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best News: The Opening of Wynn Las Vegas

The Best News story of the year? Hrmm. Roy Horn goes to Germany for stem cell treatment.... uh, no. The Monorail rains parts down on Pedestrians outside of the Las Vegas Hilton... interesting but... Mayor Goodman tells schoolkids that he loves drinking Gin... getting warmer... Harrah's buys every casino in the world... ice cold.

While compelling some of these stories may be, the truth of the matter is that the opening of the greatest casino joint the world has ever seen - Wynn Las Vegas - blew the doors off the competition.

- You can't replace DI with a Travelodge
- It's the coolest looking building in Vegas
- It's the first new joint since Palms?
- Steven 'Prone to Hyperbole' Wynn

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