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Editors Choice

best joint in Vegas: Wynn Las Vegas

It didn't take long after arrival before a genuine swagger replaced my comfort paced stride and a the smirk of 'importance' rose upon my lips. Perhaps it was because all Wynn employees referred to me as 'Dr.' (I put the title of Dr. in on the website reservation form.) More likely, it was because I felt that I had finally graduated to a degree of class and style that I thought was never to be attained in this lifetime. There is an unspoken story amongst guests that if you are here, you wanted to be here, and if you wanted to be here you were part of IT. IT being that vibe amongst strangers as if we were all in one giant inside secret. If you got the secret, you were in the club.

It is here that the Wynn Las Vegas succeeds beyond my ability to percieve. How could a building, and a brand new one at that define a culture and evoke such an emotional response after 3 months of operation. I truly feel that I have been spoiled by Wynn Las Vegas' ability to inspire, not insult my intelligence with the details, the Gizmos, the accoutrements, the service and the downright pizazz.

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