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Editors Choice

best chow in Vegas: Wynn Las Vegas

Sumptious Steaks at the SW Steakhouse, Asian treats at Red 8, The Best Pancakes in Vegas - bar NONE at Terrace Point Cafe and the friendliest and most punctual and truly most delicious room service ever (The Coffee is amazing)... down to the biscuits and noshables at the casinoside coffee den, did we mention the sandwiches at the sportsbook adjacent Zoozacrackers? Even the potato chips taste great.


Because Wynn Las Vegas offers the best food in Las Vegas... upscale couture dining - no problem. Celebrity chefs - they've got a deck full of jokers, buffet - you bet. If you've got the strength to get over the initial price tag, you'll surely forget about the price once you taste what Wynn Las Vegas has to offer. Wynn Las Vegas is the best... hands down.

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