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best News In Vegas: Wynn Las Vegas

The best news in Vegas this past year is bigger than just a new resort on the Strip. ÊIt signifies the shifting of Sin City back to it's roots. ÊWynn is the first resort built on the north end of the Strip in decades. Surrounding the chocolate oasis are old-timers Riviera and New Frontier, reminding all visitors that at one time, Vegas was not made of molded pre-fab turret towers.

If theme was still the name of the game, then as ParisÊis the mini-version of the French city, then WynnÊis mini-version of the glamorous Vegas of yonder. ÊWith the addition of the Wynn, we think we see a glimmer of that glam in Vegas' future. ÊIt is no shock then, that the Trippers agree and gave the Wynn resort top billing as the best news of the year.

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