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Readers Choice

best joint : TIE - Bellagio / Wynn Las Vegas

With only fraction of a percentage point difference between them in the final voting, the Vegas Tripping Readers choice award for Best Joint In Las Vegas is a dead heat. Bellagio opened in 1998 at a price tag of $1.6B raised the standards of Vegas resorts by offering the finest, circa 1998. Wynn Las Vegas opened in 2005 at a price tag of $2.8B and it too raised the standards of Vegas resorts by offering the finest, circa 2009 and beyond. The common thread between the two is obviously Steve Wynn, the man behind the old 'new Las Vegas' and the new 'luxury Las Vegas' and the now 'holy shit Las Vegas.'

Both Bellagio and WLV offer sumptious food, subtle accents, the finest amenities, great atmosphere, fine couture shopping districts and water based attractions, excellent gaming options - Bellagio's poker room beats WLV's hands down, but WLV's slots are actually playable and the casino is groovier. These are both top class resorts folks, you won't find too much to complain about at either. We expect to see WLV eclipse Bellagio over the coming year as THE Vegas joint - both in profits and common opinion - as more Vegas Trippers become more familiar with its subtleties and offerings. But for now, consider this year a passing of the torch.

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