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Readers Choice

best VegasTV Hunk: James Caan

What? Caan? Ummm, wasn't Josh Duhamel in this category? Rob Lowe, even? Caan?!?! OK, I knew our trippers were sick, but this is just not right. James Caan is sleazy, greazy, low rent, and a cheap gangster knock-off, yet here he is topping our trippers list of best Vegas TV hunk. The appeal? Who knows. That answer may best be given by our resident 'Las Vegas' recapper, Ace Copland to answer.

So Caan is the sexiest (per YOU), with Duhamel coming in at a close second, but most suspicious are those 4 votes that Mariano over at Green Valley received. Hrm, do we need to run a trace on some things to find out if the votes originated from a Station Casino? Fess up, Ralph - we know you didn't vote for Caan. Maybe you and Dave de traded votes, eh?

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