Slot Machine Jackpots Photo Gallery : Slots

2k jackpot at Ballys

Ms. Jackpots is back with this $2k win on a Blazing 7s machine at Ballys. Nice!

1k jackpot at Mirage

Ali N sent in the above jackpot photo and the story that goes with it:

Right after the clock struck midnight on New Years Eve, I put a 100 dollar bill into this slot at Mirage and began playing. I got down to only 29 dollars and I had already been having feelings to cash out of this machine before I got this low, but I decided to go down witha fight. I spun the reels and BOOM! 777, 1000 dollars! It looks like 2010 will be a good year!

Congrats ALI!

20k video poker jackpot at rio

VT reader Decemberist hit this $20,000 royal flush winner on a $5 max bet at the Rio shortly before he played in the Main Event at the World Series of Poker. Awesome!

36k jackpot at MGM Grand

VT reader Steve S. sent us a photo of a jackpot he hit at MGM Grand, second pull, one coin in on a $100 machine.

He won $36,000 dollars. Holy crap!

2700 jackpot

VT reader Steve D. sent in this winner - $2,700 on a Sinatra $1 machine at NYNY... nice!

2700 jackpot

Steve hit again at MGM the same day. Cha-ching!