Rules and Strategy for Vegas Style Casino Games

The Vegas Tripping Players Club is written by Players for gamblers. We operate under the basic understanding that, over the long term, gamblers will not beat the casinos. However, with a minimal outlay of effort, a gambler can transform into a Player. Players learn how to choose their gaming situations wisely and use betting and playing strategies to cut built-in house advantage to a reasonable level. By learning the four basic lessons of gaming, you too can go from gambling and losing to Playing and winning.

Above all, gaming must be a fun and enjoyable activity. Everybody knows that losing your bankroll isn't any fun at all. There is no worse feeling than being stuck in Sunday afternoon I-15 traffic between Barstow and Victorville in 115 degree heat in addition to feeling dejected and broke. Yah... the guy at 3rd base at the Bellagio shouldn'ta split those 10s giving the dealer a 20 to beat your four hands of split aces, but then again, you should not have pissed away your winnings at Binions on the $5 I Dream of Jeannie slots while waiting for the cocktail waitress to arrive. $200 for a free drink isn't good money management.

Players Club Credo

To transform from a gambler to a Player, one must :

- Identify good gaming scenarios
- Avoid bad gaming scenarios
- Learn how to play and bet to win

- Manage your bankroll... or lose it!
- Know when to quit
- Have fun!

Identifying Good and Bad Gaming Scenarios

To get more patrons into long gone casino Vegas World (Stratosphere is there now), VW owner Bob Stupak invented a variation on blackjack called "Double Exposure" where the player got to see both of the dealers cards. I can't tell how many times i've stared at the dealers hole card, using X-Ray vision, ESP, clairvoyance, and the power of positive thinking to prestidigitate what exactly that card was... Six of Hearts? Well... it didn't work (of course) but Mr. Stupak decided that he would show us the dealers hole card. He also said that we could only double down on 10 and 11 and that tie hands we're won by the dealer and that the dealer had to hit soft 17... all of which increased the casino advantage beyond the advantage of Double Exposure. This is an example of a bad gaming scenario. When you're walking through a casino, look at all the tables, read the rules, look at the limits, look at the variations. If you don't know how it works, don't play it. If you see some of the disadvantages listed in the Players Guide on a given table, walk out... the next casino is only 50 yards away.

Use Proper Playing and Betting Strategies

This is a no-brainer, but you'd be surprised how many people gamble their hard earned bread on games they barely know how to play. However, with the our online Players Guide and the careful study of some of the recommended books in our Players Library the novice gambler can arm themselves with enough information and strategy to turn change their luck into skill. Nobody wants you to lose, except the casinos... and they surely don't want you reading the books in the Players Library. You gotta learn before you earn.

Famous Excuses for Not Quitting When You Should

Waiting for *free* cocktail to arrive - and lose $25 more while waiting? You coulda bought a bottle for that price

Waiting for the dice to come around

I can feel the jackpot coming

Finish The Shoe or Waiting for the Next Shoe - We call this 'Waiting for the other Shoe To Drop'

I gotta make back all that I lost - When you find yourself 'chasing losses' its totally absolutely time to stop

I'm having fun anyways!

It's just money! In that case, send some to us

Table limits raised and you're in under the wire and don't want to leave

Waiting for the dealer to change

Drunk and can't get up

Tripping and you like the sounds of the chips ruffling

I'll just lose these last $X dollars...

Manage Your Bankroll... Or Lose It.

One of the most important (and difficult) things a Player can do is learn how to manage their bankroll. On average, visitors to Las Vegas arrive expecting to gamble (and lose) approximately $500. Do you want to blow your wad on 5 $100 hands at blackjack, or would you rather make it last? I'd bet you probably want to make it last. One way to manage is to divide your bankroll into 5 smaller Session Stakes, then plan to have 5 gambling sessions during your trip (For the weekend traveler: 1 Friday Night, 3 on Saturday, 1 on Sunday). Figure that an average session will last anywhere from 60-120 minutes. At the end of a session set your Session Stake plus winnings (or remainder of your Session Stake if you lose) aside as USED BANKROLL. Its best to leave this money in your room, possibly in a suitcase pouch or in a sock or envelope... not 'another pocket'. When you go out for another gaming session take Session Stake #2 with you and at the end of the session, do the same. Same with session #3, 4 and more. This is a simple way to squirrel away winnings, limit losses, and keep from flinging endless Benjamins into the drop box at Binions. Of course knowing when to quit is another story altogether.

Know When To Quit

Jeez. Knowing when to quit. How do we know when to quit? The first time the little voice in your head says to you: "I should quit" is when you quit. It's very easy to get trapped into playing when you know better.

Have Fun!

The name of the game is to have fun. But please don't lose your shirt, skivvies, socks, sun visor and self-respect. Learn to play, play smart, play to win, and know when to quit.

Gambling Addiction is REAL. If you or a friend has difficulty controlling gambling urges, there are people who can help.

Gamblers Anonymous
Nevada Council on Problem Gambling 1-800-522-4700