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The Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic


Vegas Internet Mafia
Family Picnic

October 14 15 16, 2016

Hosted by

The D Las Vegas and Golden Gate


The Vegas Gang
Dr. David G. Schwartz
Five Hundy By Midnight

with guest stars

88 Days To Macau
You Can Bet On That
Denton Dallas and Beyond
Vegas Fanboy


The Doritos Nerds



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Friday October 14

1pm Casino at Golden Gate...

The Come Out

Dice table takeover hosted by Mark and Dr. Mike from You Can Bet On That.

2pm Bar Prohibition at Golden Gate...


VIMFP meet up for first timers and everyone.

3pm Golden Gate...

Opening Ceremony

Just outside the front doors on Fremont Street.

3:15pm Golden Gate...

The Admiral's Parade

The Admiral leads us on a parade to an undisclosed location.

4pm Vue Bar at The D...

The First Round

Get toasty upstairs in the vintage casino at The D.

5pm Vintage Casino at The D...

The 777th Running of the VIMFPTUCKY Derby (Prelims)

Signature, private Sigma Derby tournament... here's the details.

8pm Longbar at The D...

The World Series of Satin Casino Jackets

The one and only competitive fashion show featuring the greatest casino gift shop gift ever - the satin casino jacket. Rule #1 : No Denim. Participants can sign in with Chuck at the Blarney Stone at 7:30pm. Open to all.

9pm Downtown Las Vegas Event Center...


Sublime With Rome

7x platinum ska/punk legends Sublime with Rome.
#VIMFP attendees will be treated to VIP access, details will be announced at the event.

Saturday October 15

1-2:30 The Pool at The D...

Nerdcore Beach Club (and swapmeet)

A dayclub... #VIMFP style. Part Caddyshack and part Antiques Roadshow, with live panel discussions and DJ sets. Bring your swimsuit and vintage casino collectibles to trade. Weather permitting.

7pm Vintage Casino at The D...

The 777th Running of the VIMFPTUCKY Derby

The final round.

9pm The Showroom at The D ...

The Main Event

Live on one stage!
 The Vegas Gang - casino gaming roundtable podcast.
 Dr. David G. Schwartz - brilliant casino historian, author and gunslinger.
 Five Hundy By Midnight - the original Las Vegas potty mouth doody hour.
 VegasTripping Match Game - truly outrageous game show finale.

This event is free and will be seated on a first come first served basis. We are expecting that the showroom will be at capacity for this event. Unlike previous years, we will not be doing "the donut line." Feel free to bring donuts anyway... Chuck loves Boston Cremes.

Doors will open ~20 before showtime for boosters, followed by general public admission. Smart VIMFPers should plan their booze strategy in advance - i.e. procure two drinks at Vue Bar before getting in line.

VIMFP boosters with laminates in hand are guaranteed entry to the event but must arrive early to ensure priority seating.

11:59pm TBA...


Location will be announced at the conclusion of The Main Event.

You do not want to miss this.

Sunday October 16

10am High Limit at Golden Gate...

The VIMFP Hangover Casino Challenge Cup

A multi-table, multi-game cash casino tournament. Official rules and registration details are here.

Registration is now open.

3pm The Showroom at The D...

No Bingo Bingo!*

Live on stage:
88 Days To Macau
You Can Bet On That
Denton Dallas and Beyond
Vegas Fanboy

* Note: due to gaming regulations we are unable to play cash money bingo in The Showroom this year. We want to give a big shout out to our hosts at The D Las Vegas for going to extreme lengths negotiating with the powers that be in a valiant attempt to save Bingo! bingo.