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The Steve Wynn Stepson Show Part III

Posted by Chuckmonster on 19 Jun 2013
After trying and failing last year, Steve Wynn is making a second attempt to launch the music career of his step son Nick Hissom at Tryst. This might very well be the show of...

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How To Spend $189,375.98 at Tryst Without Really Trying

Posted by Chuckmonster on 12 May 2011
How to spend $189,375.98 at Tryst nightclub at Wynn Las Vegas without really trying: 4 Veuve 15L Nebuchenezzars = List $2,000 / Tryst Price: $25,000 = Markup $22k each = $92k total profit. 16 Dom Perignon 2000...

Tagged: nightlife   wynn   tryst   holy crap   

Marquee's Got Balls

Posted by MikeE on 8 Jan 2011
Not too long ago, I compared Marquee to XS deeming Cosmopolitan's nightlife offering a worthy competitor to Encore's reigning king. I think it's safe to say that Cosmo is all too aware of this fact. You...

Tagged: cosmopolitan   nightlife   marquee   xs   tryst   haze   tao   

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