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VegasEats: Gordon Ramsay BurGR at Planet Hollywood

Posted by Chuckmonster on 21 May 2013
We weren't even hungry when we arrived at Gordon Ramsay BurGR inside Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, however duty called and tasked us with completing Gordon Ramsay's Las Vegas Trifecta. We found Gordon Ramsay...

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VegasEats: Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill at Caesars Palace

Posted by Chuckmonster on 15 May 2013
The plan came together quickly, me and Miss Monkay would meet Admiral Hillegas at Centra bar at Luxor and head over to Gordon Ramsay's Pub and Grill at Caesars Palace. Dr. Dave joining us for...

Tagged: vegaseats   gordon ramsay   pub   grill   caesars palace   dining   celebrity chef   

The Gordon Ramsay Steak Invitation

Posted by Chuckmonster on 12 Dec 2012
Last night, I received an email from Paris Las Vegas which contained an invitation to an event at Gordon Ramsay Steak. Nitpicking about the impossible to read grainy font over the grainy...

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New Feature Posted: VegasEats: Gordon Ramsay Steak at Paris

Posted by Chuckmonster on 10 Jul 2012
Just a quick note to those tuned into the RSS or Twitter feeds that we have posted a new feature article, a review of the brand new Gordon Ramsay Steak at Paris Las Vegas. You can...

Tagged: vegaseats   gordon ramsay   paris   dining   donkey   

Confirmed: Gordon Ramsay Gastro Pub To Replace Bradley Ogden

Posted by Chuckmonster on 18 Jun 2012
Chef Gordon Ramsay, fresh off the opening of his self-titled steak house at Paris Las Vegas, is on the precipice of ousting Bradley Ogden for a Gordon Ramsay Gastro Pub at Caesars Palace. The...

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I'll Take 'Fucking Donkey' For $25,000, Alex

Posted by Chuckmonster on 31 May 2012
The Hollywood Reporter made mention in an article about the continuing success of Hells Kitchen [it's the swearing and abuse] that some numnutz offered Chef Gordon Ramsay $25,000 bucks to call him a "Fucking Donkey"...

Tagged: jeopardy   gordon ramsay   paris   fresh menu items   

New VegasEats: Paris' Gordon Ramsay Steak Interiors

Posted by Chuckmonster on 5 Apr 2012
VT friend in food Eatling Las Vegas was invited along with the rest of the local foodocracy to eyeball the current state of construction for the new Gordon Ramsay Steak joint coming to Paris Las...

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Gordon Ramsay $teak Coming To Paris

Posted by Chuckmonster on 13 Jan 2012
It sure is amazing how a bankruptcy and business restructuring can change someone's attitude. Case in point, Chef Gordon Ramsay when asked in 2008 if he was interested in joining the exploding food scene on the...

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