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Editorial: Ebbs And Flows

Posted by Chuckmonster on 5 Aug 2016
Eleven-time Trippies winner, walking #VIMFP event and self-professed "thinking man's Cookie Monster" BigHoss is here to share words of wisdom. Take it away Hoss: Dear Las Vegas, Saying something like this is never easy, so I'll just...

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Guest Editorial: La La La La , I Can't Hear You by Steve Wynn

Posted by Misnomer on 22 May 2015
pic.twitter.com/leAVdgK6va— Jeff scheid (@Jlscheid) May 6, 2015 La la la la, I can't hear you! I can't hear a word you're saying. What? Oh, I'm sorry, did you say something? I can't hear you! Ha!...

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Editorial: Ralph, Al, Donald and Adolf

Posted by Chuckmonster on 9 Jun 2014
VT superfriend JeffInOkc is back with another incredibly thought provoking editorial. Take it away Jeff! - ED - - - A few weeks ago I read a tweet mentioning that the Quad was undergoing renovations...

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Editorial: Are Casinos Part Of The Public Trust?

Posted by Chuckmonster on 21 May 2014
VT superfriend and holder of the VPP/VIMFP perfect attendance record (MIA at VT10) Mr. JeffInOKC (aka FFejniOKC) joins us today with thought provoking theories about the public trust, take it away FFej! -c . . . It...

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Editorial: Why VegasTripping Matters

Posted by BigHoss on 29 Apr 2014
I'm pretty bummed I'm not able to travel to Las Vegas this weekend to celebrate the 10th anniversary of VegasTripping with my fellow Trippers. Since I can't be there, I thought I'd take the opportunity...

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Editorial: Fortunes Not Made

Posted by Chuckmonster on 3 Mar 2014
The thread of gambling may end with a slot machine, but it begins with investors - bulls and bears, longs and shorts, pass and don't bettors, who bet millions of dollars on the house, not...

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Mirage: Who's Your Daddy?

Posted by JohnH on 16 Jan 2014
Nearly every major casino in Las Vegas has its time in the sun. That magical time when all eyes and the zeitgeist are fixed on a single property. At first and apocryphally, it...

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Editorial: The Nightclub Defense

Posted by MikeE on 13 Dec 2011
We love to hate. I do especially. I *love* coming up with any synonym for vaginal cleansers to describe the nightclub crowd. I think we all do. And we're real riled up right now because...

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