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Sting Bringing His Bass To Caesars

Posted by Chuckmonster on 28 Sep 2011
Few artists are as polarizing as former/current/future Police front man Sting. On one hand, he's the energetic bass player in an avant reggae new wave trio that miraculously straddled prog rock and pop punk....

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Sayonara: Cher

Posted by Chuckmonster on 22 Sep 2010
After 200 shows spread out over three years, Cher "The Dog Warbler" Bono-Allman-Simmons-Dugay-Beatty-Bono-Geffen-Kilmer-Stoltz-Cruise-Camiletti-Donen-Sambora-Clapton-Hudson-Presley-Martin(?)-Liotta-Dillon-1978 Jets Offensive Line-Stones 81,88 & 91 road crew-Bono has decided to not renew her three year contract at The Caesars when it...

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