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Introducing the Trippies Class of 2017

By Chuckmonster on Saturday, 7th January 2017 8:26pm
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Ladies and gentlemen,

Introducing the Trippies Class of 2017. Congratulations to all the winners!

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Comments & Discussion:

So this is my knee-jerk HOT TAKE since I haven't listened to the audio:

Wow, this is more negative than 2010. The award to "Not Las Vegas" almost made me wince. I realize that the Strip has had the fun bean-counted out of it, but Station has a couple of nice hotels with decent service that aren't quite Tower Suites but make up for it with better odds and more affordable food. Downtown is still more good than bad.

I realize that relatively fewer people will eagerly jet across the country for a weekend at Green Valley Ranch; but if all your looking for is a Mandalay quality room, free self park, and people that won't play 6:5 or split 10's or vomit outside of the nightclub...

What you won't get is the carnival atmosphere of people taking pictures of everything and carrying giant alcohol containers on the street. That's the part that's been bean-counted and Walgreened to death.

Maybe it's just an effect of so many editors going to Cotai this year. There you still do have the. While Macau isn't without it's own problems, between all the attractions and the sporadic family-friendly entertainment supplementing the gambling, Cotai especially often looks like what the Strip might have become if "The Real World" at the Palms and the Panama City Beach crowd that followed had never happened.

Sorry for being so scatter-brained above. We lack an edit function. ;(

While the Trump International "wins" were political in nature, having stayed there a few years ago, the place is not that great. When you sell a huge number of your units to a timeshare operation and you have to depend upon sites like Hotwire and Priceline to get people to stay there, you're not going to attract the sort of customer that goes with the property's supposed AAA Diamond rating. The room I stayed in had furniture that well worn and definitely not something that would be acceptable at any other property in Vegas with a similar AAA Diamond rating. Compared to other similar condo-to-hotel properties in Vegas, it's garish and over the top in it's decor, which of course is a hallmark of any Trump-branded property, When I checked in, the desk clerk said that she was putting me in a nice quiet room, which was an outright lie, as I was in a room on that faced towards the railroad tracks that run beside Industrial/Dean Martin and trains ran through at all hours. As for the price, it was actually a good value booked through Hotwire, as my options through Total Rewards or MLife in the same price range per night were their lower-tier properties. While it is as far back from the Strip as Vdara, Aria and even some of the towers at Caesars, the lack of any neighboring properties (other than Fashion Show Mall and some strip clubs on Industrial/Dean Martin) does make it seem out of the way. My first night, I decided to walk back to Trump from the Peppermill at 1 in the morning and in hindsight, not a good decision because it is a bit sketchy at that time of the night.

I agree the "not las vegas" award was strange for Vegas awards for best casino from a Vegas site. There are things in Vegas that are not ideal for me I still have some favourite casinos. VT was always a place to escape the endless political talk on the interwebs but the editor's choices may have signaled the end of that as well.

But the awards that the editor's did choose, as usual, I agree with. I really like Delano and I prefer CVS over Walgreens too!

I'd love to know how Cosmo was ranked the best.

That being said you guys are entitled to your opinion but the joke of everything Trump being the worst because Trump isn't funny. Your site, your rules, but personally I come to Vegas and Vegastripping to escape the partisan bitching. I'm not going to say something stupid like I won't read the site anymore, because that would be stupid, and you guys are all great writers, but it annoyed me enough to not bother to click through the whole list, because obviously the "worst" side wasn't done seriously.

The whole list is a joke. How can you take any of it seriously because Trump was picked as the worst whenever it remotely was possible. I didn't get past the first few as well. I'm always amazed at how some people can make the most non political things political.

"this whole list is a joke"

"I didn't get past the first few as well"

Don't you think the whole list can be called into question when it is quite obvious that there was a very visible bias?

Some things never change, as people will always bitch and moan about the winners each year. Yes on some levels Trump International winning so many Worst Trippies is a bit of a political backlash, but the results would have been the same regardless of the election results.

Politics figure pretty heavily into Las Vegas, as one of the GOP's biggest donors happens to own two casinos, a convention center and the main local newspaper (The LVRJ dropped their support of marijuana legalization after the paper was bought by Sheldon Adelson. Sheldon is one of those who still sees marijuana as a "gateway drug", a mindset that is like Adelson, stuck in the past. He's spending millions of dollars to try to defeat ballot measures in many states that would legalize marijuana either medicinally or recreationally.). Steve Wynn has supported candidates from both the Democrats and Republicans. Jim Murren publicly supported Hillary Clinton. One of Caesars' Senior VPs is a former Mayor of Las Vegas. VT tries to refrain from the politics as much as possible, but it's becoming harder and harder to do so. Let's not forget that Sheldon Adelson is trying to derail online gambling in the US through some of his political elements. Politics are playing a role in the future of Atlantic City (where Trump made his bones as a casino owner) as well as in Macau. There are more and more states looking to legalize casinos and the politics there have to potential to affect Las Vegas.

Could President Trump actually be good for Las Vegas?

Adelson, Ruffin, Icahn and Wynn supported Trump for the presidency, while MGM went all in for Hillary Clinton. Trump has already picked fights with the auto companies. Nevada is an important swing state too. Could Trump win votes by filing antitrust lawsuits against MGM and Caesars?

How much would Las Vegas benefit if Trump orders the IRS to raise the gambling win tax reporting minimum from $1,200 back to the old amount adjusted for inflation? ($5,000-$10,000?) Gamblers always give their winnings back eventually. Taxes on gambling wins are really taxes on the casinos themselves. Really surprised that no casinos executives have figured this out.

All politics aside, which political policies would benefit Las Vegas the most?

I would like to thank everybody who took time to put together the Trippies. I know it is a huge undertaking. And I further realize that putting opinions out there can sometimes bring out the worst in people. So I would like to start off by again thanking you for taking the time for our enjoyment. It really is appreciated.

But (and let's be honest, you knew this was coming) there were a few selections I found curious. Mostly the Golden Nugget as the prize of downtown. It just seems a little strange to me. I mean, out here in Orange County, we have a huge section in our paper every September called "The Best of Orange County." I swear to Great Caesar's Ghost himself that Olive Garden wins every year for Best Italian. The Olive Garden!

For Best. Italian.

I feel the Gold Nugget selection is of similar ilk. As in it seems like a safe choice, but great uninspired. (And really, I went back to look to see if any Landry's restaurant won a BOOC award, but alas, no. Because then this analogy would have really hit home.) But I feel like the Nugget gets a rep based on 1989 and people have kind of just haven't changed their minds. And this isn't a chance to besmirch the Nugget. It's fine. Just not great. It's like the Andrew Luck of downtown hotels. People have said it's been elite for so long, you just kind of go along with it.

I would rank the Golden Gate, The D and even the Main Street Station as better. The Downtown Grand has the potential to even be better. I'm a huge mark for the Cal and the Fremont as better, but I realize those choices are to taste and I would ruin my credibility (as if I have any) by putting those ahead of the GN, though I prefer them.

I will say, this has inspired me to at least walk through the Nugget on my trip this week. And I'm a big enough person to say I'm wrong if it's warranted. I'm just a little puzzled and perhaps disappointed some other places downtown didn't take the top honors.

Overall, that's about it. I voted. And while I need to get used to my popular opinion not mattering in elections, I'll accept the outcome.

Thanks for all the work and all the laughs over the years, Chuck! I think this year's Trippies' graphic says it all.

I miss the commentary that accompanied winners and losers in previous years, but the one comment — "2016 will go down as the year 2005 killed Las Vegas" — really nails it. Sad, but very astute.

@Drake is right! The "2016 will go down as the year 2005 killed Las Vegas" was the line of the year! I know the year is just nine days old, but still impressive.

@KickedBoar591 The Golden Nugget has long been the (pardon the pun) gold standard for Downtown. While properties like the Downtown Grand and The D have stepped up the game Downtown, they're still not on the same level as the Nugget. Hopefully whatever 18 Fremont becomes gives the Nugget some serious competition. I've lost my taste for the Golden Nugget in recent years as it has become a bit bland even with the renovations to the property. The Golden Nugget of 2009 (when the Rush Tower opened) is not the same Golden Nugget of today.

Golden Nugget is one of the only places downtown with a spa. It's one of the only places with a decent pool. The hotel was aging and the layout a bit of a mess but building Rush Tower and blowing out the buffet to complete a circuit around the property addressed a lot of that.

The D isn't bad by any stretch, and if you just walk their casino floors you won't see much difference, but the Nugget is still the only kind of all-in-one integration you're used to on the strip. Even if it's only Bally's tier.

Yeah, I think the Nugget would've even been considered the class of downtown today even if the 2006-2009 Fertitta renovations hadn't occurred.

@Vespajet, I'm curious as to what you mean that the "Golden Nugget of 2009 is not the same Golden Nugget of today." True, the place hasn't really changed since the Rush Tower opening pretty much was the culmination of the late 2000s renovations. And definitely don't like how the resort fee instituted a few years ago has gradually crept up to close to Strip levels. But realistically, I don't think the Nugget is going to have any incentive to do any more upgrades or changes until, like you said, 18 Fremont is close to opening. What things would you like to see Fertitta do at the Nugg?

Also, I'm normally inclined to agree with the "leave your political opinions at home" crowd, but casinos and politics were almost inextricable in 2016. The year started with Sheldon buying our newspaper, progressed through the hot months with the football stadium, and ended with the first President whose name is in lights over the Strip. How could it not be political this year?

I voted Sheldon for Vegas Person Of the Year, because after all these years of being a quiet power he finally made a move and controlled our legislators like they had strings. He proved that it's his state, and we're all just living in it. And that's going to cost you, dear visitor, in more room tax in 2017 and beyond.

Besides, most of the "Trump worsts" were readers vote. Might as well let the readers speak instead of throw out votes.

Well let's see. Trump 'won' the most worst votes because his hotel really has nothing to offer guests. Limited dining options, way off Strip and no casino because he can't get a gaming license. Is it worse than Circus Circus or Hooters? They both have a casino and a few places to eat at least. Sahara wasn't a choice because its not there anymore. The Cosmo love comes for its many dining options, a very nice casino and one of the best bars on the Strip. I vote every year in the categories that I care about and don't have a problem with a bulk of the winners.

"Besides, most of the "Trump worsts" were readers vote. Might as well let the readers speak instead of throw out votes."
I just rechecked and 9 or 10 (I lost count) of the editors' "worst" picks, and the vast majority of their total picks, went to Trump.
I've never had cause to go into the place, never will, but all the "worst" votes to Trump came across as petulant to me. Kind of silly and degrading to the concept.
But I do always enjoy the Trippies.

@hail2skins The restaurant revamp in recent years that added a Claim Jumper and a Cadillac Mexican Kitchen in place of Carson Street Kitchen (Where this site was conceived.) was a bit of a downgrade to the property. Then again, Landry's owns a number of chains, so them putting them in the various GN properties makes some sense.

@vespajet, I beg to differ. The Carson Street Cafe was shut down by the Health Department for violations. Not merely cited, but shut down. That's quite an embarrassment for a restaurant-centered corporation. It had to go.

It was a nice cafe once, but it was shit at the end. My wife got food poisoning there, laid her up for days in a Rush Tower room, almost had to reschedule our Vegas departure. It was shut down a few months later.

As someone who voted against Trump and personally think he will go down as the worst POTUS in modern history, it still made me shake my head at all the mentions it got this year. The editors chose Trump as the worst on the strip and off the strip. Didn't know it was so big it fell into both categories. You can't say that it is because it really is this bad, as for the past several years that I've read the Trippies it had no mentions.

I agree with the above comment that this website is a reprieve from biased journalism. Hopefully it will return to that, after the new wears off of our country's pick to lead.

Also, it might be smart to consider that it is likely that greater than a third of your readers voted for him, just playing the numbers game...

Is there a podcast?

So many people letting a billionaire live rent free in their heads. Funny. Too bad it also detracts from the joy that should be reading the Trippies results by politicizing it.

I wish the editors were the entire electoral college in 2016.

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