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MGM Resorts Increases Resort Fees YET AGAIN

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 24th October 2016 11:21am
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The lovely, thoughtful and caring executives in charge of MGM Resorts International are yet again raising their resort fees. All rooms booked starting November 8th will have to pay the new fees.

The last resort fee increase was just under three months ago.

Aria, Bellagio and Vdara will raise their fees $3, from $32 to $35/night plus tax. Luxor and Excalbur will raise their fees $3, from $26 to $29/night plus tax. Circus Circus will raise their fees $3, from $21 to $24/night.

For those keeping score at home here's the current MGM properties resort fee line up, with tax:

Aria, Bellagio, Vdara: $35($39.20/w tax) per night

MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay, Delano, Mirage, The Signature: $32 ($35.84 w/tax) per night.

New York New York, Monte Carlo: $30 ($33.60 w/tax) per night.

Luxor, Excalibur: $29 ($32.48 w/tax) per night.

Circus Circus: from $24 ($26.88 w/tax) per night.

We're off to update our Resort Fee tracker!


Comments & Discussion:

It's been five years since I've made a trip to Vegas and this is honestly what's kept me away the past couple years. I used to be able to stay at Luxor for $29/night (plus tax), but now that's what they're charging as a fee on top of the nightly rate? No thanks.

For years the consumers get even more cummy linens, on average, with each visit. That comes at a cost.

I stayed in the Royal Tower of the Dismal Castle for two nights following VIMFP. The Milf Club marketing said the room was $20 a night. I also paid an $8 per night upgrade fee, because $16 was cheaper than trying the $20 trick.

The total came to $120.96: $62.72 for the room (including taxes), and $58.24 for the resort fee (including taxes). Fortunately, it's not my first Vegas rodeo, and I expected as much. But for first time visitors, that could be quite a shock.

With this increase, the resort fee is more than the price of the room.

(The room was, surprisingly, perfectly acceptable, like an upper midrange chain joint, Hampton Inn or something like that.)

@travis... this year's Excalibur is last year's Mandalay Bay:


This is truly disgusting and clearly shows there is no correlation between the resort fee and their cost for providing the corresponding amenities. Unfortunately, I am not sure where this will end. I stay almost 40 nights a year in Vegas (most of those in MGM properties); which means I am paying almost $1400 in resort fees. Last trip, I noticed in-room movies are now $15 and room service had an extra delivery fee (which was clearly marked as separate from a tip). Ticketing fees for shows even when purchased directly at the boxoffice. Also, surge pricing for drinks at casino bars (not to mention the new VP drink voucher system). Fortunately, I have been able to avoid valet parking fees due to Mlife platinum status.

Murren & Co. gotta make sure they get that PGP bonus!

This is getting out of control. I just looked up S.2599 - Truth in Hotel Advertising Act of 2016 to see if there has been any progress made, but it looks like no movement since Feb. :(

I'm a couple weeks out from another trip, downtown like it has been largely for much of the past decade, and it occurred to me that, while the Strip is what many folks picture when they think of Las Vegas, how much of an afterthought that LV Blvd has been when it comes to my trips with the guys.

The various fees are getting ridiculous. Yes, Fremont Street has had resort fees for some time now and have even increased at the Nugget (from $20-25), but still. My wife and I have stayed at Wynncore the past two years for 1-2 nights on the way (largely because of the multitude of available flights) to proceeding to St George. And my wife loves the room and the dining experiences at SW and Country Club. However, now that the Eastside Lounge entertainment has been axed, unless I see a really appealing show in town at the time we go, I'm thinking about just flying directly into St George next year.

Such a shame. I can't really get excited about the prospect of new joints like Resorts World and Alon if and when they ever open, because it just promises to be more of the same BS.

And what do we get with the increase? Nothing. My stay at The Linq resulted in almost 200 bucks in resort fees. Most of that was for internet usage and four free small bottles of water. . This has to stop.

@chuckmonster The room in the Excalibur photo could have been my exact room, except there was no poster of Excalibur photoshopped into my window. When I dropped my bags on the bed, I thought I'd seen a post about repurposed furniture, but then promptly forgot about it. It's still in pretty good shape.

Come on VT team. Give MGM a break. I heard the price for the cartridge ink went up. So now it cost you more to print those board passes ;-)

Gross. Just hike it up to $50 already, Murren, if you're going to be that obvious about it.

So they just matched what Wynn/Encore's resort fee is?

VT might want to update their list, Wynn has been $35 for a while now...guess no one here noticed that, huh? At least Aria/Bellagio doesnt rape you with their craps odds.

Idiots. Just cause you CAN charge more doesn't mean you SHOULD.

At the low end of MGM's room spectrum, resort fees now essentially double the advertised room rate, especially on weeknights. At the high end, it's still about a 10-20% surcharge.

Perfect example, among hundreds, of why consolidation and mergers almost always hurt regular citizens.

Las Vegas has been a great way for my wife and I to enjoy all the amenities and buzz of a good full-service resort hotel at a very affordable price. The money "saved" has been our gambling budget.

Take that away and I doubt we'll continue visiting. If we have to pay $150-$225/night midweek for a decent 4-star hotel, then it's time to rethink our vacation plans. We can pay that anywhere; may as well go somewhere new and skip the gambling altogether.

We have flights already booked for May but even the CET rates are up 30%-40% from last year. Might be our last visit.

Disgusting, talk with your feet otherwise you're just part of the problem.

" Just cause you CAN charge more doesn't mean you SHOULD"
anawas, you're kidding right?

Drake: completely agree. The "bargain" proposition is now gone. I never even cared for "fancy" resorts elsewhere; Vegas had (past tense) a total package.

Malibuglofer, I know you're a good businessman, but I believe anawas was referring to the underhandedness of the Resort Fees. Room rates can and do reflect the market. (Price early Jan during CES if you like.)

SuperVegas, last yr was the first in over a decade, since Wynn opened, that we haven't been back. My Mlife Platinum status stayed active until Oct. 10 or so, now it's back to Sapphire and somehow I was not heartbroken.

This really is making me question whether I should even visit Vegas next year.

At least as a green chip player I can get tolerable odds (especially in the morning). And the comp rate in Vegas still outstrips Macau. Plus even with MGM paring back the free drinks service its still better than Macau for free drinks.

On the other hand, with the exchange rate unfavorable (to me), fees climbing, value for money dropping... I've lost my status with MGM anyway so meh, what's the point?

Your point is well taken.
Since I have personally seen the changes unfold since the late 60's, I truly can relate and lament the loss of what Vegas always has been to me and others.
But this has been obvious for a long time.
Get used to more and more drink controls based on gambling bet sizes. $.25 vp just doesn't pay for itself.
Fewer and fewer live dealers as automation saves labor costs. Especially health care.
The trend toward gambling as an adjunct activity with only big players getting the "Vegas treatment."
The main draw, great room product for the price, would be the last thing they'll kill.
Business model is evolving all too rapidly.

It's nice to have options. Pechanga Resort and Casino in Temecula, CA is in the midst of a huge expansion. No, it's not Vegas, but it's a pretty decent resort and relatively accessible from most of Southern California. I play craps, and card craps pays the same odds as regular craps, so once you get used to the whole turning-of-cards-to-decide-the-outcome aspect of the game, it's indistinguishable from the Vegas version. Oh, and Pechanga has 5x odds vs. 3x4x5x at the MGM properties. Depending on dates, the base room rate at Pechanga generally is comparable with Mandalay, Aria and similar properties, BUT they don't charge a resort fee and parking is free. So, the trip is shorter and less stressful, I can stay in a nice place, play my favorite game at favorable odds, and save money in the process. While Vegas is unique, there does become a point when other options look increasingly attractive.

I've done well with Golden Gate comps, which don't charge the resort fee. But I still throw some business to the Boyd Family of properties downtown and let them know specifically the free parking and no resort fees keep me coming back. I'm not sure it has any impact, but I like to hope that it does.

Can't say I am surprised, but I am disappointed. The arena they built is an expensive proposition and costly to maintain. So, when the other arena gets built and I have read that those funds in part are going to be raised by an increase in the room tax, will the taxes and fees be almost double the base room rate?

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