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MGM Resorts Increases Resort Fees Again

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 26th July 2016 12:54pm
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The kind and generous folks at MGM Resorts International have once again upped their resort fees for their middle tier properties MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay, The Mirage and Delano.

The resort fees for these properties will increase from $30/per day plus tax to $32/per day plus tax.

For those keeping score at home, here is the MGM resort fee line up, with tax.

Aria, Bellagio, MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay, Delano, Mirage, Vdara and The Signature = $35.84/nt

New York New York, Monte Carlo - $33.60/nt

Excalibur & Luxor = $29.12/nt

Circus Circus = $23.52/nt

New resort fees go into effect for all reservations booked starting August 9th.

In related fee news, we're told that MGM Resorts valets have voted unanimously to unionize after being outsourced to a private company and having their tips, wages and perks eliminated as part of MGM's Profit Growth Plan.


Comments & Discussion:

thats ruff for the Valet's , will MGM try to outsource housekeeping and the rest of the jobs also? I hope not

A trip two weeks ago to The Mirage, the north valet was dead. There were 5 valets just standing around. What use to be a busy valet was a ghost town.

Can you imagine that for year, decades even, that your income as a valet was mainly from tips. Then one day, it just stops. Nothing. No customers. What do you do? I feel for the valets.

Had they unionized earlier, this wouldn't has happened. Everyone always wants to unionize after they get screwed over...

What if a Mirage-esque resort operator offered $200/night weekday rooms and $400/night weekend rooms ... but included all parking, WiFi, pool, gym, resort, breakfast, and other fees as well as taxes? Would you stay in that hotel? And do those prices seem right?

(Those base room rates obviously would increase when Vegas gets busy but all fees/taxes would remain included)

I can imagine the new parking fees have decimated valet jobs. Under the previous regime, valet parking was a great value considering all it cost was a discretionary tip. Self parking was almost a niche service for those that didn't want someone to drive their car and/or have to tip. Now, valet at MGM properties is essentially a paid luxury like it is at any other big city hotel.

Well... fudge.

Are MGM trying to make me take my business away? Seriously this is atrocious.

I guess I will stay at non MGM owned properties.

I'd like to point out that 90% of the comments are about the valets. Not even about the subject of the article. It's like resort fee raises are now just 'part of the norm'. Maybe Im just too hammered to think otherwise.

^^Business must be good if they can keep putting their thumb on the scale right in front of our eyes and get away with it.

I remember when the lower-level properties used to run promotions and would cost that to stay for the night. #bringbackthemob

Nullzero00: Used to? That's about how much I get weekday rooms for at El Cortez and The Cal.

Are people really paying $29/nt on top of the actual room rate to stay at Excalibur? That just seems...disgustingly high. It doesn't matter that much to those of us that get comped rooms at places like Aria or Bellagio, but I feel for the people that are trying to come to Vegas on a budget and get slapped around by all of these fees.

The problem is that if these fees existed when I first started coming to Vegas, before I was earning a good living, I may well have just decided to go elsewhere for vacations, and consequently would not have started gambling and would not have dumped the (well into) seven figures that I have in Vegas over my lifetime. If they turn off just a few thousand players like me before they start earning at a high level and those people never become the gamblers they would have, they will miss out on literally billions in revenue. I don't know what they make from resort/parking/other annoying fees, but I doubt it's billions.

The only MGM property that is expempt from any parking charges would be The Signature at MGM Grand. They still offer complimentary valet there as there are owners living there that would have been livid. Other than that majority if not all employees of MGM properties are not happy about this or PGP in general. Eliminating Mirage's Room Service Department to save money on white table cloths is ridiculous...

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