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Monte Carlo To Be Renamed Park MGM

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 3rd June 2016 7:46am
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MGM Resorts International just announced that they are going to partner with Sydell Group to transform Monte Carlo into a new resort called Park MGM.

MGM/Sydell Group team plans to "redefine Vegas Hospitality" and "elevate city's culinary scene" with the "luxury hotel" Park MGM.

The new Park MGM transformation will include the rebranding and renovation of Hotel 32 into boutique brand NoMad Las Vegas. The MGM/Sydell team plans to replicate the Park MGM concept all over the world.

Park MGM will cost $450m to complete and "incorporating its European design influences while retaining a powerful connection to The Park next door." Which is corporate speak for "don't expect much more than a coat of paint." Construction will begin later this year and finish in late 2018.

New restaurants will include Eataly, a NoMad restaurant, NoMad Bar and other dining new dining venues from the Eataly, Sybell Group and Make It Nice teams.

The renderings:

Park MGM


Park MGM


This name is absolutely horrible. Insiders have told us that MGM has pursued variations of "The Park Hotel" trademarks unsuccessfully for over a year and hired a marketing firm to help them find a name for their new hotel. I'd be willing to wager that the C-Suite execs decided to ignore the snappy name that the marketing firm suggested and went with something they came up with - . This name failure follows the recent announcement by MGM that they've upgraded their confusing and dumbly named "M Life" comp club to "M Life Rewards."

MGM CEO Jim Murren has been obsessed with parks since he ascended to the iron throne at MGM. Little does he know that only he, MGM executives and sycophantic mind-dead Las Vegas press corps like the Park idea.

Funny how MGM complains they have to institute parking fees across all of their properties because can't afford to build a parking garage at Excalibur. Weeks later they announce their ability to spend close to a $400 million dollars buying 50% of Borgata in Atlantic City and $450 million to renovate the Monte Carlo.

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Comments & Discussion:

I can't wait to pay to park at The Park MGM so I can park my butt at a The Park bench.

Almost as exciting as when Murren had Manhattan Express renamed The Roller Coaster.

The lack of flair this man has given to this company is more astonishing than any of his bland concepts.

A "luxury hotel?" Does this mean Park MGM will do a Cromwell and jump above Mirage and MGM Grand on the hotel ladder, or is this just PR spin for a routine renovation?

The best news is Mario Batali's Eataly. The Eataly Markets in New York and Chicago are spectacular.

From the Sun article -
"We are not going to name it something from somewhere else. These days are over," Murren said on April 7, after a ribbon-cutting marking the opening of T-Mobile Arena. "This is Las Vegas; we are at the top of the list of entertainment cities. We are not second to anybody. We're not going to have a property themed after a city from a far-away place."

But they kept NYNY? (And they're going to keep Luxor)
Mandalay Bay?
Plans to buy Paris and nuke it?

I was never a huge fan of the Monte Carlo anyway but The Park MGM has to be the lamest name given to a hotel on the Strip. Jim Murren continues his unrelenting assault on everything that resembles the classic Vegas vibe.

I ignored the Monte Carlo, and I fully expect I will ignore the Park MGM. Nice Game of Thrones reference, by the way.

@dorian i'm glad there is an eataly as well. I've always need to pick up some organic rigatoni and top shelf ragu on the way back to my hotel room.

Generally, I'm surprised that this news got dumped on a Friday morning. You'd think the MGM PR machine would wait to drop it when the paid parking gets going next week. A pre-emptive strike on the "MGM Park" search engine results?

They should have just named it something inspiring like The Hotel, oh wait. While it's interesting to see a refresh, it seems the money could be better spent elsewhere. With $450 million can they likely reconfigure the size of the average room? They're on the small size, and I imagine moving walls around is a massive expense.

I'll miss the current MC for its utilitarian vibe. It's center strip, offers dirt cheap rates, food court for quick bites, and isn't so large that you grow tired of going from room-to-floor.

I was underwhelmed the first time I visited MC shortly after it opened 20 years ago, but grew to appreciate it due to its relative understated vibe compared with the heavy theming you saw at its neighbors like Excalibur, Luxor, and (opened shortly thereafter) NYNY. What MGM seems to be proposing will likely still keep the "understated class" vibe.....but yeah, the "Park MGM" name is absurd.

Does the $450 million price tag include the $100 million already earmarked for the theater? And what about the pool that will be dedicated solely to NoMad guests? Is there real estate availble to build a new pool, or will they take an area from the existing pool footprint? Does Hotel32 have its own dedicated pool?

Will look forward to more renderings and to see what MGM plans for Excalibur and Luxor, besides filling in empty spaces with more retail. Like to see them sell one or both to Wynn and have him dynamite the joints, but we can only dare to dream.

Isn't Monte Carlo notorious for having paper thin walls? I wonder if sound proofing is part of the budget. Or maybe they think faux-luxury patrons don't shart.

Those designs look rather meh. Basically taking a very average space and making it just as average. I am assuming the tower won't be touched other than the new name. I thought that given the size of the property, it would have been cool to retheme it with a mid century modern look. It would tie in nicely with Aria.

and just for you the paying customer .... tighter slots chain wide!

What? No strange capitalization or use of punctuation or gimick spelling?
pArk mGm

Oh good... MGM is spending more money they don't have on something they don't need.

I hear you @Chuckmonster, but the Eataly in NY has 13 different places to sit down and try different foods from all over the world including six full service restaurants. Let's just hope MGM doesn't bastardize this version. After you eat feel free to pick up your can of San Marzano tomatoes to haul back to the Linq. 😊

Wouldn't just calling it the Parq make more sense. When people talk about it they aren't going to add MGM to the end of it. As for the Eataly the one here in Chicago is huge. I don't think Batali is going to go for a lower class place.

Jim Murren's obsession with parks isn't unwarranted. As any search for parklets will tell you, millennials love trying to shoehorn some master-planned nature into spaces designed by their automotive-obsessed predecessors.

The word "park" is almost toxic among Vegas-heads right now because of the paid parking news, but to the crowd that goes once or twice a year, the people who don't realize that MGM Grand has no corporate link to the studio it's named after, or who yell at the Mandalay Bay employee that they're "going to take my business to The Mirage where I'm appreciated", the name is fine.

Besides, it's a casino, they could call it Colostomy Bag and people would still come. Remember the fuss about The D? "Names don't matter, there's a place that's just called M and it's very successful"? Derek was right.

Also given the size people are talking about, I think Eataly will probably take over the combined Buffet/Cafe space. The MC Buffet has always been lackluster (closer to Luxor and CC than Aria or Paris) and the Cafe is apparently already closed?

They could close The Pub, but I think that would be rather dumb. That variety of bakeries, Starbucks, chain fast food, and a sports bar is a great compliment to the Aria sports book and poker room that is physically close by even though it's technically in another property.

You guys really disappoint me. This angle is obvious. If the hotel fails, they will turn it into a huge parking ramp for the new arena. Hence Park MGM!

It could be worse, they could be building a 5000000 acre lake and charging admission to it to keep all the poor people out.

I am a fan of the Monte Carlo. I think it has a really good location especially if you are an MLife devotee. Even though I often referred to it as the Blah-lagio I thought that it had a lot to offer in the mid price market.
Im curious to see what the remodel brings. My hope is that the remodel consists of rooms that have new furnishings and new tech along with new bathrooms (how bout no tubs). Common areas get freshened ala the MGM remodel from a few years ago. As foe dining, some new restaurants are welcome changes as long as they maintain a mix of price points. I assume there will be some kind of lounge added and a vip type room for the NoMad guests. If the Park MGM slides ahead of the Mirage in the MGM resorts pecking/price order The rebrand is a win.
Unfortinately, Diamond Jim Murren never fails to dissapoint.
My fear is that the remodel will result in SLS 2.0 A hotel that seems to hit all the "Cool Kid" notes, but is completely tone deaf to its place in the market.

Hmm, should be named "Pay to Park MGM". Shame I won't see the inside...unless Caesers follow suit with the parking fees. I recently canceled an MGM reservation, and stayed at a newly remodeled Harah's room. Here are some thoughts:
Caesars takes for ever to check in, MGM is way more efficient.
Mid strip is way better for walking than South strip
Casino Real has a new center bar, has 1$ beer, and has great bar tenders.
The Linq is way better than IP
Flamingo still needs a major makeover
La Salsa at Caesars Palace has awesome nachos
The new food court at Harah's is meh.
Everyone that goes to Vegas should go on the High Roller.
Was tempted to go in the Mirage...but didn't, and didn't miss it.

I'm from CA, and visit Vegas at least 10 times a year (some for business some for pleasure) I have always been an MGM fan, but now realize there are other options. I used to host client dinners at MGM restaurants, but will not now. Why should I expect clients to pay for parking, when there are other options available?

I hate to give MGM credit for anything, but I kind of like the name. It does harken back to an old-school vibe. Think of all of the old hotels we miss: Sands, Dunes, Sahara, Riviera, Flamingo. Oh wait, the Flamingo still exists? But the point is every place had a basic name. I mean, if I was ever going to build my own casino on the strip, I would just call it Sun.

But I'm a weirdo.

Batali has said that the Vegas Eataly will be smaller than the other ones.

Don't be surprised to see Diablo's Cantina torn out to make way for Eataly. That would give them a great corner location for a smaller, two story version of the joint.

As long as they leave Hit Bar alone, they can call the place whatever the Hell they want to call it.

I'm getting a slight "Central Park, New York" vibe from this, honestly. Its right next to the NYNY, and its upscale 'park-ness' with a European inspired look really does harken to some of the architecture surrounding Central Park in NYC.

I hope they renovate the Monte Carlo. That said, I'm kind of sad they're trying to move the property more upscale. Not every property is or needs to be high-end! That said, its possible to keep the propery mid-scale whilst upgrading the rooms substantially... that's what they did with the MGM Grand after all, and if they call it "The Park MGM" then the association with MGM Grand would imply that they're planning on making the basic hotel at least similar to the MGM Grand market-positioning wise.

They might be able to rename it and renovate the inside, but until it doesn't look like a prison on the outside, does it matter?

Should have named it the Perk MGM, and upon Checkin you would receive some random Perk. That would be fun, getting something more with your hotel room. Feeling like you are being treated special! "Check in at the Perk, and who knows what magic awaits !" Wouldn't that be great. Naturally, it won't be that... Instead it will be the PGP MGM, and there will be a short note in fine print saying "In order to help pay for these wonderful renovations and to enhance your PGP experience, we must increase your Resort Fee to $XXX. Thank you for staying at the PGP."

Does Monte Carlo need love? Yes. Their rooms are now worse than what I'd find at a Motel 8. The casino is dark, dull, and uninviting. I support a renovation, but to me, this sounds like it's going to be a half assed job. The press release was rushed, there's no plan for this property yet. To me, they're pushing this out now in hopes to gain some investors as their MGM Growth Properties IPO.

The renovated rooms are already in service on the 27th (?) floor. You can go up and find them.

I have seen several comments elsewhere suggesting that the renovations laid out will be more in the variety of 'slapping a new coat of paint' on the joint, along with the new restaurants and improved rooms. But that the project will not be the wholesale remodeling/reinventing of places like SLS or Cromwell. However, the $450MM price tag seems not to be nothing. Indeed, that would seem to be way more than CZR put into Quad/Linq and Cromwell (the latter was, what, a $180MM project roughly?) I think SLS was billed at about $415MM. So a $450MM bill seems not insignificant. But maybe I'm missing something. It certainly sounds like this will end up as an improved property, and with a large theater as well. Seems it will definitely be jumping NYNY in the pecking order if they don't screw it up too badly.

@jcookdc - I think the Linq/Quad reno was around around $300M. However, Im not sure if this $450M price tag is including The Park area.

Well, there goes the value joint with its generous comp offers and (slightly) friendlier gaming.
And… Murren doesn’t like theming because of ego? He’s really that proud of a city he claims not to like?

With the Borgata purchase, MGM’s stock price spiked. Given that those juicy executive bonuses are keyed to the stock’s performance, what’re the odds this windfall means PGP will be scaled back / not continually increase?

Yeah…. didn’t think so.

Yeah seriously. Best thing about this is the Eataly. The one in Chicago rocks. Everything else is terrible.

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