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88 Days To Macau: Episode 7 - Security

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 31st May 2016 12:22pm
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88 Days To Macau Podcast

88 Days To Macau: Episode 7 - Security

Three weeks until departure. In this episode we talk password security, SIM cards at Macau International Airport, U.S. presidential politics, TSA, Homeland Security, Global Crossing, gadgets, packing, non-casino activities and Macau Macau Macau. So excited!

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Comments & Discussion:

I am enjoying the trip planning podcasts! It brings back fond memories of my visits to Hong Kong and parts of China when I was... younger.

Are you sure your airlines are going to charge for booze? Might be worth checking on. It may be different these days, but not so long ago international flights included some (cheap, domestic) booze. I assumed it was in the airlines' best interest to have passengers zonked out on long international flights instead of awake and pacing the airplane, getting restless and making more work for the attendants.

I'm loving your planning podcasts. I'm actually planning a trip to Europe which will include a trip to Monte Carlo to check out the casino there and will be doing exactly the same thing you are doing - with respect to brainstorming what to pack, what electronic do-dads to take etc.

I liked how you pondered what you would do to pass the time on the plane. I have a suggestion for you - and it relates to one of the topics you discussed - The Donald!

While in high school (many eons ago) I read a book titled Trumped! by John R. O'Donnell. The book covers Donald's casino dealings/business. John was actually a former executive with Steve Wynn's Mirage Resorts and was lured to New Jersey to work for Donald Trump. For a while he ran Trump Plaza and was eventually tasked with opening up the Taj Mahal when Trumps casino executives perished in a helicopter crash.

Areas of the book I found fascinating were the deal Donald made with Harrah's to sell them a concession at the Plaza. He made a shit load of money off of that. As you discussed in the podcast Donald did pitt his properties, and the executives that ran them, against one another. When the Taj was built it was over a billion dollars and the most expensive casino ever built.

Once you start reading the book it will be hard to put down and aid in passing time in the air.

Here's an Amazon Link to the title:

Note/Disclaimer: I have no financial stake in the book and the link above is not that of an affiliate (straight amazon link).

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