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We're Twelve Years Old!

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 2nd May 2016 12:50pm
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12 years ago this week, after taking a drunken beating at one of The Stinky-Ass Plaza's blackjack tables, me and my beautiful, brilliant wife Miss Monkay sought respite at the now-defunct Carson Street Cafe at the Golden Nugget. Over turkey burgers and club sandwiches, we plotted the course for a no-bullshit Las Vegas website run by tourists, for tourists. Sketched sudoku style with Keno crayon and card, Miss Monkay came up with the name - VegasTripping... a verbification of Vegas and The Strip wrapped in a psychedelic nod to our hero Hunter S. Thompson. Immediately upon returning home, we purchased the domain name VegasTripping.com.

The last 12 years have been an epic rollercoaster ride, filled with unexpected twists, turns, flips, nosedives, high speed straightaways, loop-di-loops and copious amounts of chunk blowing. At one point I begged to get off.

This week we celebrate our birthday and offer our deepest thanks to you, the VT readers, for keeping us going every day with insightful discussion, sharing information and sharing your lives and trips with us.

Personally, I'd like to thank my teammates - John, Mike, Misnomer and semi-retired internet super-ferret Mac78130 - for their creativity, insight, thoughtfulness and truly endless supply of jokes.

I'd also like to thank my partner-in-crime Admiral (and Mrs.) Hunter Hillegas, who are the smartest, most generous and wonderfilled people I've ever had to pleasure to collaborate with.

Also huge shoutouts and love-filled hugs to fellow mafioso Tim Hundy, Anita Martini and Dr. Dave plus superfriends Middleclassbuzz, BigHosss, Donnymac66, Vespajet, Spyder, RobbieNomi, and The Doritos Nerds.

Perhaps the biggest piece of gratitude I'd like to extend is to our amazing group of tipsters. Thanks to you, VT achieved an almost perfect batting average of news reporting this year. We broke the news stories that will have the greatest impact on Las Vegas tourism for decades to come. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

It wouldn't be a VT birthday without some gifts. So I humbly offer you this teeny tiny one... over the weekend, we launched a beta version of the long-promised (and long agonized over) mobile-ready responsive redesign of MacauTripping. Once we get the kinks worked out, this design will be ported over to VT.

Thank you all for being so patient for the last month as I've been giving this project the last big push out the door. I'm hoping to start writing again next week... thank you for being patient!


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Comments & Discussion:

Happy Birthday VT! Thank you Chuck, Miss Monkey and everyone associated with this wonderful community for all you do for us Vegas Nerds!

Season's Greetings.

Happy B-Day VT! You rock!

Cheers to you and your fine staff!

I'm not sure how I found this site, but I'm glad I did! HBD VT

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Thanks for all the great stories, and fun times together. Vegas wouldn't be the same without you guys and this wild and odd community of people.

Since you are a tween tho, don't be filled with angst and go all emo on us....

Although we've never had the pleasure of meeting in person; realize you've been with me for every trip (after my first) to Vegas. Fueled my obsession. Given me knowledge. Kept me entranced. And given me a place to air grievances that only other VT'ers would get (looking at you MGM PGP and CET Deferred Maintenance.)
Thanks for providing the unwashed masses with a place where we can share common interests, talk, learn, BS, and laugh. You make each trip a little more fun than it would be without ya!
Happy twelfth!

you dudes are the best. maybe we might run into each other in paradise between july 13th and 19th? rumor has it that hoss will be there as well......

Congrats on 12 years!!!

I discovered VT after returning from a classic Vegas trip several years ago and I haven't stopped coming back since. Excellent job. Thanks for all your efforts.

Chuck rocks. VT rocks. Miss Monkay rocks. Thanks for starting this community. XOXOXOX

Happy Birthday VT!! Congrats and thanks for becoming a part of what is great about my Las Vegas addiction. Hugs.

Congrats my friend! Looking forward to VIMFP this year. I just hope I can get a parking spot at the Arena....

Thanks Chuck and all others who provide a platform for us Vegas zealots to share and form a community to learn from each other...we appreciate!!!!

I read some amazing and informative writings on this site...keep up the excellent work!

Happy Mother Fuckin Birthday VT! Cheers to you all!

Happy Birthday to the best Vegas website ever! Thank you Chuck for creating this community of crazies :)

Happy Birthday VT.

Happy 12th Birthday VT! The site is almost a teenager, which means in the coming year we can look forward to the sites balls dropping, and it entering puberty.

And a heartfelt "Thank You" to you and the VT crew, Chuck. You've built much more than a news blog. You've built an awesome community that I'm very happy to be a part of!

Love you guys

Having made it through this age myself, I'm glad that VT has always stayed true to itself all these years. Thanks Chuck and the whole gang for definitely adding lots of info, laughs, and good times in my trips that coincide with VIMFP.

I've been reading for seven of these 12 years. I've learned and laughed a lot. Thanks!

11 YO 12 !! Thanks for the awesome past and can't wait for the future!!

Thanks for the hard work, you guys are my favorite Vegas website!

This is a fun adventure. Thank you so much for the work you put into it. Know that the labor of love you do is enjoyed by many of us. I think I can speak for everybody when we say thank you for starting this. And thank you for the blackjack table that kicked your ass sending you to Carson Street to even think of this whole thing!

Congrats Chuck, and thanks for all of the excellent content and the work that you put in to making VT the best damn Vegas website on the planet. Another 12 please!

Boxcars!!! Time flies when you are having VT fun! Congrats Miss Monkay, Chuck and the posse!

Very kind, everyone. xoxo

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