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The Steve Releases Wynn Plaza Renderings

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 6th April 2016 5:00pm
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Steve Wynn unveiled tons of details about the forthcoming Wynn Plaza shopping esplanade that will add additional dining and retail space to the front of Wynn Las Vegas. Wynn Plaza will connect the former Ferrari dealership to a bridge that will connect to the stealthy ālon resort across the street.

Wynn Plaza
If we put two floors there, we could put 70,000 square feet of retail space, at $300/foot, we'd make $20m. It took De [Wynn architect DeRuyter Butler] about a month to design it. We could take this space that was making no money and turn $20 million, right to the bottom line. Worst case $15 million. It was a dead bang pick up for a $75 million dollar construction job, which we could do in a year.

Wynn Plaza

Construction on Wynn Plaza is scheduled to begin in early June with grand opening planned for October 2017.

Wynn Plaza

It looks like a two floor Encore Esplanade!

In related news Oscar De La Renta and Manolo Blanik - two of Elaine Wynn's favorite designers - have shuttered their stores at Wynn Las Vegas.

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Yet the Manolo video is still available for viewing on their website:


Under the list of shops

Middle rendering looks like every suburban mall of the 1990s, albeit with fancier awnings, better light fixtures and glorious carpet inserts. Still, I won't be able to afford anything in here so I'm not upset/engaged with the design

On the contrary, anawas --
While I agree the second image looks like a fancier version of any mall (and like Chuck said, the third a two-floor Encore Esplanade), this could be an opportunity for some slightly more accessible retail & eateries to appeal to the walk-in traffic. Chuck's analysis of Paradise Park certainly indicates an appeal-to-the-masses approach. A replacement for Sugar & Ice would be very welcome, for instance.

Although, to your point, it doesn't sound like rental income is dependent upon actual sales, and they certainly were not deterred from replacing the original Sugar & Ice with yet another hoity boutique that stands empty much of the time.

Unless I missed it, I thought we were going to have either a Tree of Prosperity or Dragon of Fortune attractions like seen at Wynn Macau, little bit of a let down there if true.

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