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Updated: Wynn Unveils Paradise Park (With Model)

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 6th April 2016 5:17pm
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Today's Wynn investor presentation wasn't about defending earnings or lancing Elaine Wynn's legal complaint but instead a boffo unveiling of every project Wynn Resorts has on their plate.

Wynn Paradise Park

Wynn Paradise Park hotel will feature 1000 Encore-style rooms with retractible doors and terraces, new dining venues, meeting rooms, and a casino overlooking a massive white sand crystal lagoon. The lagoon will feature fireworks shows designed by moonlighting Disney employees and the Grucci family every night. During the day, the lagoon will be open for swimming, paddle boarding, waterskiing and other visual entertainment.

Wynn says that the golf course will close in Fall 2016. When complete, Wynn Paradise Park will reduce the golf course to 9 holes. The crystal lagoon will be 1300 feet long and extend from Country Club restaurant to the south west corner of the golf course, with water extending almost to Paradise Blvd.

The porte cochere for Wynn Paradise Park will be located on the south west corner of the golf course with a porte cochere just off of Sands Ave. A 7/8th mile boardwalk will surround the lake, dotted with amenities and attractions.

Admission to Wynn Paradise Park will be between $20-50. Steve Wynn was caught on a hot mic saying that "People who stay in the hotel are going to be charged a new service fee," presumably to access Wynn Paradise Park. This fee would be lower than general, non-guest admission.



Comments & Discussion:

Love the idea. Awful name.

You're gonna love it Chuck. You should've stopped by today!


@stevewynn I wasn't invited. Roger has my email address.

I agree, terrible name. Reminds me of Paradise Pier at Disney California Adventure. Or Palace Park, a defunct miniature golf course. Either way: clowns.

We have whore island in the casino and now douche island outside.

I have a few sources, and from what I hear, Wynn is looking at buying another golf course off strip.

Updating my earlier comment. Holy shit that it a big lake. I was not expecting that. It feels totally out of place. With that said I am not angry at seeing another Roger Thomas designed joint in LV. So I am interested to see what actually is built versus the rendering.

This is definitely Steve's response to Alon. I love it.

He tried to by LVCC years ago and wasn't able. Buying some other random course wouldn't surprise me.

I am excited for the political battles looming over trying to make a water feature that big in 2016.

wonder why he is leaving 9 holes

Figuring a 1300 foot diameter circle pencils out to a 32-acre lake....is that correct? IIRC, Bellagio's lake is 8 acres and the original Beau Rivage concept called for a 50-acre lake. Seems like the original BR vision might be coming back into play here. Still, this seems cool, especially in combination with the new shopping addition at the front of Wynncore. The golf course is far too rich for my blood (wonder what he'll charge for a 9-hole course) and Wynn developing the "in no-man's land" Fontainebleau parcel still is hard to wrap my head around. Hope Wynn Paradise comes to fruition.....if he's closing the course this fall, any guesstimates on when this thing could be completed?

Minvegas Wynn has grandfathered in water utility rights for the property. Was discussed on the call.

I find it hard to believe that enough people will schlep to his resort, and then pay $25-$30 to hang out near a body of water just because it has sand. But what do I know?

I'd guess he wants this open pronto. 2.5 years... Fall 2018.

Looks like 18 Fairway Villas gone. Keeping my eyes peeled for the furniture auction.

Hard to imagine that a huge lake would make more money then a golf course. Hotel rooms, shops, restaurants, convention space, casino yes, but a big lake?

is this real or a delayed April Fools post?

Is the Encore Beach Club pool not a big enough body of water for daylife participants to foul?

Jokes aside, this rendering seems elegant. Love the boardwalk idea; hate having to pay a(nother) fee to experience it. The hotel rooms probably will offset the revenue lost by the golf course, but what will W.P.P. do to occupancy rates at Wynn and Encore? And, despite the fireworks, how can Wynn build anything involving water that doesn't involve dancing fountains?

Water rights mean shit. California farmers have water rights and are under increased focus of criticism for being wasteful, and lower level rightsholders are seeing restrictions. The amount of panicking in California should be a cause for at least a little fallout in Nevada, given how linked together they are.

People seem to think Wynn's water rights, probably because of the word "right" in there, are akin to the second amendment or something.

Loathe to double post, but to clarify: water rights say that regulations allow Wynn to build his thing, I think maybe this could spur regulations to change. See also: http://gizmodo.com/what-are-water-rights-1696881723

It's not in the best interests of people who want to see Steve's new thing, but I think the government should consider regulating this potentially frivolous water use. I say 'potentially' because it's possible this body of water will consume less than leaving it as a golf course. As a model it's hard to say.

Paradise Park? My first thought was "He bought the Santa Monica Pier? Wow, that's planning way ahead". Then I read the actual plan. It looks like a half-assed version of the Disney Springs area at Disney World, but they don't charge just to get in. Of course you can't swim in that lake either. The swimming thing is gonna be weird.

Based on that model, it looks like they're going to do the Encore Macau thing and only have rooms on the south-facing hug. Otherwise, any north-facing rooms would have a stunning view of Encore's self-park garage. Add the terraces and you've got some pretty stunning rooms.

Also, there's no way he doesn't add a fountain show.

great quote from the call/meeting:
"“The people are gonna be here,” Wynn said. “I don’t give a damn if they put a nickel in a slot machine. I want them to pay my admission, I want them to stay in my rooms — I want them to drink my booze and eat our food.”
(from http://vegasinc.com/business/gaming/2016/apr/06/wynn-resorts-announces-major-las-vegas-expansion-p/)

somewhere out there I think I just heard an 'amen' from Jim Murren

The way CA set up water rights is ridiculous. One of the many problems with this state. Nevada is far less wacky. Besides, it isn't like that lake will take much more water than an 18 hole golf course did. Just hoping the bros stay at Encore and away from this new beauty.

The Desert Inn parcel contained an actual a water utility that has unfettered access to the aquifer upon which it sat. When nascent Wynn Resorts bought the parcel, they bought the utility too. They since closed the utility, but still have the same rights to the aquifer. Bellagio has similar rights... which Wynn used to change legal regulations to allow the lake. Steve explains all of this on the call. A fun little piece of municipality business.

The Bellagio aquifer is what caused the early construction delays at Cosmopolitan when they were digging out the parking garage. Some might notice that the walls in the Cosmo parking garage can occasionally have water on the walls. They're always pumping water down there. The construction of the parking garage and foundation is a bit of a marvel.

Looks underwhelming. How tall is this hotel? What's the budget? Is the financing already in place for a fall 2016 start date? Just wondering if this new construction is really going to happen, or if Steve is bluffing.

It seems like Steve could do this lakefront theme bigger and better, if he were to buy the Fountainbleau/Wet n' Wild site?

Nevermind. I should have googled before I asked. Estimated cost for Paradise Park is $1.6 billion. And Google Earth shows the golf course is actually much bigger than the combined Fountainebleau/Wet n' Wild sites.

But I still have to ask, why is he only building 1,000 hotel rooms? Why not 2,000 if he's really as bullish as he sounds?

Chuck, you're really underestimating Steve on this stuff. Yes, I know he can do it. But my point is, SHOULD he be able to do it? Is this treated wastewater like his previous projects? It practically looks like a beach in the model.

Pat Mulroy admitted that it was Steve's desire for water features at Treasure Island and Bellagio that led to the SNWA and the unhinged, uncontrolled growth that the city took (https://projects.propublica.org/killing-the-colorado/story/pat-mulroy-las-vegas-water-witch). The guy used to brag about being the most powerful man in the state, way before the water situation in the west got as dire as it does.

Like I said, it's a position that's off the radar for a lot of folks here, but anymore when I look at this stuff I kind of help but think, "man, maybe it's time for Nevada to attempt to put the brakes on Wynn."

Minvegas - I'm not arguing merit or municipal responsibility. Just paraphrasing Steve's talk about water sourcing. I have no horse in this race.

If it were *my* hotel tower, I'd build the new hotel tower with 1,000 rooms, but make it structurally strong enough to support *another* 1,000 rooms if future expansion is desired.

Either way, I'd top the tower with the same curved roof found atop Encore and Wynn. But it would have to be removable, so I could add the extra floors to the hotel.

Looks lovely (at least until bro nation takes over that center island, yo). But unless Steve has a crystal ball that lets him see an imminent end to the drought out there, I can definitely understand local resistance to the idea.

I like taking the outdoor concept in this direction, whether or not the lake will come to be I do think will be interesting to watch, but heck, even the nightly fireworks show, while a bit cheesy is some type of spectacle and it's been awhile since we had one of those, hasn't it?

I don't spend much time in Wynn properties, but I like the idea.

Actually, this does look pretty cool.

38 acre diamond shaped lake. Could Wynn be planning 3 additional hotels around the lake? One for each point of the diamond?

It makes sense that the first hotel would match Wynncore's design. Could the other 3 hotels be themed designs? I wonder if the flat roof on the new hotel will house a rooftop nightclub like Cromwell's? Could Steve be planning to move the club kids to the new hotel?

As long as they're quality holes, I'm okay with as few as 3 of them.

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