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PGP: MGM's M Life Charm Offensive

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 29th March 2016 1:39pm
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With the paid parking doomsday clock steadily tick-tock-ticking away, MGM Resorts International has launched a charm offensive.

In the last few weeks, MGM has been sending out offers containing steeply discounted hotel rates in front of M Life card holders. Maybe you've gotten one.

And now, the fine print:

Both of these offers must be booked before April 8th. April 8th is date MGM had planned to turn on the first wave of paid self parking garages. Sources have told VT in the last few days, doomsday for MGM has been delayed until May 31, 2016.

So why is M Life suddenly sending a flood of discounted / complimentary hotel rates to customers who previously qualified for squat? Could it be an aberration in the algorithm? Perhaps a recalibration of the bottom of the barrel? Or seasonal marketing for the somewhat slower and definitely hotter summer?

The crux of this biscuit is the date in the fine print - April 8th.

Is it possible that MGM has seen a drop off of hotel bookings since the torrent of bad headlines regarding the announcement of paid parking? Could MGM be purposefully trying to lock in reservations in advance of the third wave of bad headlines when the parking gates actually get turned on?

A channel check of advertised rack rates shows no discounting.

Big thanks to Mr. Giggles.

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Comments & Discussion:

I had one for NYNY, but they failed to include any details of the offer, just the disclaimer.

Received the 4 night comp offer from Aria, MB, Delano and MGM. I usually get 2-3 night offers, mostly limited to Sun-Thurs, so this is a significant step up. Some weekends are already sold-out and/or blocked out, but was able to get July 4th weekend at Aria and labor day at MB.
I couldn't find any nights at Delano that were open.

Please note all the Valet employees bright golden pins being worn loud and proud...
"TEAMSTERS YES". Each hotel is taking part in union activity and don't be surprised if MGM gets a few more bad revues.

I buy the conspiracy theory (that MGM is doing this to lock in reservations before more bad news hits the press).

And I'm excited to hear that people that park cars for a living can now lock in gold-plated benefits and a healthy pension after working just 25 years. What a fool I was for working in the private sector!

Well, holy crap. So *that* explains why Mlife was being so nice to me. And here I thought it might actually be in recognition of retaining my Mlife status for a second consecutive year. (That, and the summer season.) Silly me.

Chuck, I'd really like to believe it's more than just some headlines about parking. Your relentless coverage of this ongoing (and escalating) PGP sodomy surely deserves some credit. I mean, as the Vegas Gang noted it's got a prominent Senator's attention now.

Yeah, they're trying to reel in some possibly slightly more reluctant visitors, to keep 'em hooked. Like the conveniently low gas prices just before the busy travel season, now ticking upwards.

Noted that some analyst called MGM a great buy. Yeah, pump that stock price. Jimbo needs a new pair o' shoes....

Um. Clarification.
Did not mean in any way to suggest Senator McCaskill follows VT / VegasGang and is responding to the outrage. Just that this whole Death By a Thousand Fees nonsense is finally getting some attention from the folks empowered to do something about it, as eventually happened with airline fees.

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