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One Month 'Til VZZZT

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 2nd March 2016 11:05am
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Hi gang. I'm here with a reminder that VZZZT is only a month away. For those who don't know, VZZZT will be a one event get together where VegasTripping joins up with our friends The Vegas Gang, Dr. David G. Schwartz and Five Hundy By Midnight for a three hour adventure through on stage buffoonery at 2pm on Saturday April 2, 2016 in The Showroom at The D Las Vegas.

For those who wondered what VIMFP was like in the old Vegas Podcast-a-Palooza days - barring the invention of a time machine, VZZZT is probably the closest you'll get. One day, one event. The VegasTripping gents will get on stage and dive deep into the shallow waters of non-sequitirs at the intersection of heady analysis and full-frontal boobery. Then Dr. Dave will raid the history vault and bring back stories, perspective and lessons from the past that will help us make sense of the future.

Then, The Vegas Gang - me, Hunter and Dave - with blockbuster special guest Andrew Pascal. Andrew is the founder of Playstudios, the company responsible for viral Facebook app "My Vegas." We'll ask him what time is the best time to redeem chips for comps. Additionally, Andrew is the CEO and visionary behind ālon resort which is preparing to commence construction at the former New Frontier parcel, right across the street from his former employer/uncle Steve Wynn's duo of hotels. Andrew has never discussed any details about ālon in public or to the press. His appearance at #VZZZT will be his first opportunity to evade/avoid questions about his top secret new resort project.

The event will conclude with our dear friends Five Hundy By Midnight - the Original Las Vegas Podcast, episode number four fifty six. You know them, you love them, you'll heckle them and they'll ride your face like the wind.

After all the laughs are squeezed out, we'll all go back to the bar and then play it by ear. Karaoke? Pre-season baseball? Loud music? Getting pissed on by a statue? Jaw clenching sports betting? Chuck buffets? Card counting? Pina coladas? Making love at midnight? Getting caught in the rain?

Between the ravages of winter, political shouting matches and you deserving it - a 'Vegas with internet friends' trip might be just what you need. Most kennels accept children.


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Hope you all have a good time out there in a month, and hopefully Andrew is more optimistic about the timeline of the project than today's R-J article (based on an article from a Sydney paper) suggests.

I am happy to be able to attend this. It's amazing how Las Vegas can bring people together. Thank you for setting this up.

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