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Cosmopolitan Removing C Logo From East Tower

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 26th February 2016 3:53pm
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Hey look! It's the Cosmopolitan!

Can you see it? I'll zoom in.

Do you see the orange construction fencing, the cranes in position and workers removing the big circular contraption that is/was/used to be the Cosmopolitan's "three C" logo bug?It appears that this sign is going bye-bye - it is not being painted over or refinished, but being removed.

The obvious questions are:

Q1: Is Cosmopolitan rebranding?

Doubtful. There would have already been announcements, trademark filings and all that. Plus, they just re-launched their website and engaged in new advertising campaigns that all contain the three C logo bug.

Q2: Are they putting up a new sign?

Possibly? Usually, resorts are required to get permission from the Zoning Commission/Planning Commission when they change existing signage. These committees limit expansion of casino signage unless properties make compelling arguments for their amplification.

Q3: Is the Cosmopolitan being sold to Donald Trump?

Yes. The new signage will actually be the anchor point for a giant bleached blonde combover which will droop just within reach of the Strip-facing Terrace suites.

Big thanks to VT superfriend VegasGalB for the eagle eye spot from her digs at Veer.

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Comments & Discussion:

My guess is they are replacing it so not to see the sign suffer the same fate that once befell the Paris balloon......

I should leave it to the Canadians to point this out, but the grey C in the background always looked suspiciously close to the one used in the old CBC "exploding pizza" logo.

Maybe they're going to do something with that space internally and the signage would block the views? (Penthouse? Restaurant?)

Ima gonna go with them getting ready to put an olde style water tower on the top as part of a retheming to a Vermont style, country bed and breakfast ala Newhart.

The angled part is just a facade covering mechanical stuff on the roof, but it probably is related to the project to finish the top floor suites. I'd lay odds it buzzed or created electrical interference. Gotta keep their newly-welcome whales happy.

Have you put in a formal request yet to get the "C" for your back yard yet Chuck?

They probably felt the need to upgrade the sign.

Question: Did you use "Drumpf" or is that my Chrome extension?

@missmonkay this post is pre-Drumfp

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