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The Ocean's Eleven Gag You May Have Missed

By Misnomer on Monday, 1st February 2016 2:47pm
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Ocean's Eleven holds a rightful place at the top of any list of the best Vegas movies ever made. The 2001 remake of the Rat Pack original has it all: Beautifully shot scenes of Las Vegas, fast-paced action, and an all-star cast. You've no doubt seen it many, many times. But you may have missed a subtle gag left in plain sight just for you, the Vegas aficionado.

The scene in question involves Frank, played by Bernie Mac, negotiating the purchase of two vans that will be used in the movie's climactic heist. The car salesman is Billy Tim Denham - Denham like the jean. In a comedic moment, Frank grips the salesman's hand - perhaps a bit too tightly - and tells him of his nightly moisturizing routine.

This results in Frank securing a better deal on the vans, and we get a closeup shot of the salesman's reddened, crushed hand to conclude the scene.

And that tight shot of Billy Tim Denham's hand is a wink and a nod to 1995's Casino, another of the Best Vegas Movies. You see, Billy Tim Denham is played by actor Joe LaDue, who also played the card cheat in Casino.

In a part credited as "Signaler", Mr. LaDue receives "cheater's justice" in the backroom of the Tangiers casino by having his right hand smashed with a hammer. The Ocean's Eleven shot of his right hand is a callback to that scene in Casino.

I just blew your damn mind up.

Joe LaDue, who passed away in 2014, also had small parts in Indecent Proposal and High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story. The next time you're watching any of these Vegas movies, keep an eye out for him. And give him a hand. He deserves it.

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Mind. Blown.


This is some obscure Vegas maniac detective shit Misnomer. Whoa.

Well, this is awesome.

Amazing. I'm going to be telling that at the bars this weekend.

Never noticed that before. But movie people love little details like that, so its no surprise. RIP Joe LaDue and Bernie Mac

what did Rusty mean when he told Benedict, he was a guest in his hotel, "think minibar"?

Wow, you really did blow my mind. I can't believe I've never noticed that before.

A good question is why Bernie Mac made a big production over saving a few thousand bucks, they had and spent a lot of money setting up the robbery. Now the car dealer will remember this transaction when/if cops ask him any questions (after they recover the Vans post robbery)....

For real? Whoa... Blown Mind at Def-con 4

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