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Westgate Adds Parking Gates, Pay Stations

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 1st February 2016 1:56pm
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The Westgate Las Vegas, formerly LVH and Las Vegas Hilton, installed parking gates, card readers and pay stations to their parking garage. The gates are currently open.

VT reader Waffle tells us:

Went to the Westgate this weekend to make Super Bowl bets and noticed they have installed parking gates (currently open) along with machines. On the machine there is a slot which says "Insert Room Key Here" and what appears to be a pay station, was being installed near the entrance/exit to the Superbook near the restrooms.

We're still awaiting pictorial evidence, so if any of y'all are headed over there, tweet em at us @vegastripping or email tips@vegastripping.

Update #2: The gates are old and turned on during conventions. The pay station at the sports book is new.

In related news, VT has learned that MGM Resorts International has begun eliminating valet jobs and will outsource parking operations to SPPlus. Apparently, the reason why Circus Circus is immune to the parking change is their employees there are part of the Teamsters union.

Update #1: SP Plus Corporation have confirmed this news via Twitter. Just in case they delete the tweet after MGM comes crying to them, here's a screen shot:

Update #3: The tweet is deleted.


Comments & Discussion:

Apparently Jim's plate is now featuring a big Ol' shit sandwich for the Valet staff. MMMMM I can really taste the ego!


...and it's deleted. But not forgotten.

It took resort fees a bit longer to take off than this, so it may be a safe bet that by the end of this year, free parking at resorts on The Strip (and Strip adjacent properties) will have gone the way of the 99 cent shrimp cocktail......

I once worked in a hotel with outsourced valet/self parking and it was a constant pain in the ass. Hotel customers do not know or care about the intricacies and relationship with a contracted service provider... they just expect seamless service. It's disappointing they are using a third party, as you would hope they would implement some sort of custom solution to harmonize with player rewards, comps, etc. Like resort fees, this is just going to lead to lots more confusion and bickering at the front desk, as MGM employees will have to refer guest parking issues to some faceless contractor.

Westgate has had paid parking during some Convention Center events. I know they tried to get me for $30 in 2014 during the SEMA show (Riviera wanted $20... I drove to MGM and took the monorail for $10 RT).

In the most optimistic view, maybe Westgate is installing this equipment to make those times where charging makes sense more efficient.

It seems to me, that Westgate is a bit far removed from the strip to be the first to jump on this bandwagon. Also, I'm thinking there's a higher probability for customer bite/blowback hurting the casino bottom line, than the usual house gouge is used to ignoring.

As others have pointed out here and on Twitter, it seems like Westgate parking was all about reserving parking for hotel guests during convention events. Seeing a newly installed pay station outside the Superbook changes things a little. This might be Westgate trying to monetize convention attendees, not a permanent parking fee.

Well it is a cold day in hell because right now I am hoping the Teamsters do something to unionize the other parking workers. Ugh MGM is so horrible they make the Teamsters look decent.

For anyone who wonders "what good is a union?" well...there's an answer. Is MGM trying to look as bad as possible is it totally by accident?

I boycott Wynn and Sheldon due to their politics, and now I have to boycott MGM due to their greed. Pickings are getting slim out there on the Strip. Thank Elvis for the Cosmo.

First: the @SPPlusCorp tweet wins 2016 Trippie Tweet of the Year. There should be a category and the contest is over. Unintentional comedy defined.

Second: Yes, next time you pass those picketing Union guys, give them the thumbs up because MGM is giving you their thumb up your ass.

Not sure if this was already mentioned here on site: not only are they outsourcing these valet jobs, but according to VegasInc guests will now be charged for valet parking too. Which you would logically expect given the self park is now paid, but still...it is confirmed anyhow


Jimmy - yes paid valet was part of the official paid parking announcement a few weeks ago.

cool - there has been so much PGP talk I lose track of what is new and what is old. looked at some old posts first but must have missed it, thx.

Sources have told me that all the valets from MGM are negotiating with the teamsters and SP+. This might not turn out as bad for the valets as we once thought. according to SP+ they are union friendly, we will see if that rings true or not.

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