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Update: MGM Resorts International Announces Paid Parking

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 15th January 2016 10:52am
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According to Washington Times, MGM Resorts International is going to announce paid parking later today.

We've received numerous tips from numerous sources that MGM called a meeting at 10am to discuss the changes with employees. Pricing will be under $10 for overnight guests and more for valet parking. Fees will be implemented in April after the opening of the Phone Company Arena

From the press release:

Parking fees will be moderate when compared to similar fees in other markets. An overnight guest utilizing a self-park facility will pay $10 or less. Las Vegas locals will be given a grace period for free parking after the program starts and can maintain their free-parking status by enrolling and earning privileges through M life, the Company’s customer loyalty program. Non-resident guests can also earn free-parking status through the M life program.

"Visitation to Las Vegas continues to grow as guests come to Las Vegas to experience all we have to offer from a leisure and business perspective," said Mr. Sanders. "We don’t take this change lightly. We recognize this is a significant departure from a long-established paradigm in the Las Vegas market. However, after months of analysis, we believe these enhancements and new technology solutions will become welcome additions to our overall guest experience."

Mr. Sanders also noted that fee parking is a standard practice for hotels, resorts and entertainment facilities across the country, especially those in comparable high-demand tourist and convention destinations, such as New York, Los Angeles and Orlando.

Monetization of parking is part of a larger Profit Growth Plan at MGM Resorts International to institute new fees and reduce costs in order to drive up stock price and give massive bonuses to the top seven executives, including CEO Jim Murren, The Editors Choice for 2016 Vegas Person of the Year.

VegasTripping broke the story about MGM instituting paid parking on October 21st, 2015.

Big thanks to anonymous on the VT Tip Line and Five Hundy for dropping dimes.


Comments & Discussion:

i've already voiced my displeasure on MGM Resort's Facebook Page. I suggest everyone here do the same. If enough people bitch even these clueless idiots will have to take notice.

"Parking fees will be moderate " ..... for now. We know how this dog and pony show works.

This is just depressing. As a very long time Vegas visitor, it just feels like getting stabbed in the back by an old friend. They no longer want my business. I haven't stayed on the strip since 2012 due to resort fees...but I usually visit every trip for food, drinks, and a bit of gambling...but I will not pay to park there. I know it sounds silly, but I just won't. I've already cut my Vegas visits down to twice a year, once for a work conference, and once for VIMFP...but...I dunno...in this new era of fees, I'll likely start skipping the conference. If I'm gonna have to pay a fee for everything, there's plenty of other places I'd like to see. I imagine I'm not the only one...


Good god. Here I am planning a trip to Vegas in May after not being out there for 4 years.....and hearing crap like this makes me not even wanna go anymore. Why can't they just add parking to their resort fee....the one that includes a bottle of water and a newspaper no one friggin wants.
"Good evening, Your room rate was $99 a night. Plus tax. Plus a $22/night resort fee. Plus the tax on that. Oh you brought a car? Well that's another $60 for the week since you're with us for 6 nights. Enjoy your stay!" So that $99 rate you thought you were getting? Is now over $150/night. Hope you have a blast! Spend lots of money! You're in Vegas! ::finger gun to head::

It's like MGM wants Vegas to become the airline industry. No one wants to be like the airline industry.

This is truly a free market experiment, except for the fact the players have a duopoly on the Strip. Given that most people are not going to even realize this is in effect until they get there in April/May, and the tendency for folks to suck it up and deal, I'm on vacation mode -it's likely here to stay for the long run, sadly. MGM is opening up a brand new casino down the road here, and except for staying DT, I can't imagine I'll be heading to the strip much unless in an uber/taxi. The days of a $9 room with $200 in fees are surely not far behind.

Lookin' good, Uber. Lookin' GOOD.

If you look off into the distance, you can see Downtown and locals joints sharing a toast to this news. Unlike the resort fee fiasco, there's no rationale for them following MGM (and eventually Caesars and Penn National) on this decision.

The strange thing here tactically, is that most marketers (of which I used to be one) will tell you that "nickel and diming" people is rarely worth it. I'm not sure why MGM seems to think this axiom doesn't apply to them. They're not Wynn or The Four Seasons...they can't totally abandon the middle-market tourist. To me, they continue to do this kind of thing at their own peril. They continue to ignore the traveler who is looking for even a modicum of value (which is not the same as saying "cheap people").

If you're outraged, and want to force change, vote with your money. Particularly if you go to Vegas mostly to drink and gamble....there are plenty of other non-strip alternatives which offer 4-star level amenities. That's been part of my Vegas visiting strategy recently, and my wallet is way better off for it.

Vegas of Old is Gone, Vegas in Modern Era is Fading and will be Gone! The future of Vegas doesnt look as bright as the lights. In fact, I predict in 5-7 years some of these lights will be turned off. Keep nickel & dime everything Vegas and Atlantic City may still Win the war!

Vegas thinks it's too big to fail right now. They might get a nasty surprise soon though. I for one am pretty much fed up with all the changes going in the wrong direction for the last 5 years or so. This really feels like the nail in the everymans coffin. I don't know when I'll be back at this rate. Sad.

Announcing on the Friday of a holiday weekend so it won't garner headlines is a classic political shithead move.

I hope it comes back to bite them in the ass with reduced traffic. However they will probally just cave when people bitch at the front desk and they start waving the fees.

Dear Mlife, I'm breaking up with you. Yes, its been a long time coming. You know it. I know it. It's just not the same between us any more. I know I've gone Platinum with you twice and Gold the other times but you just don't thrill me anymore. Oh I remember the good times in the Fontana & Allegro lounges at the Bellagio but you got rid them, walled off the fountain views to your casino patrons, raises prices on everything but the worst thing is no no longer smile at me when I walk through the door. You used to shower me with gifts and made sure my tummy was fed. But something happened. You changed. You grew cold and uncaring. Took my money and never said thanks. Yes, time has flown its course with us and to be really honest, I been seeing your Sister Caesars for the past few months. She treats me nice, sure she's older but so am I and she knows how to show me a good time. Yes Mlife, I'll finish off my express comps with before the parking fees kick in and then you'll be a just fond memory it what was once a wonderful relationship. I do hope you find someone nice to come to your properties. Sincerely, dgary870

@JohnD i noticed this too. Classic news dump.

Sorry, but this is what capitalism is all about folks.If other casinos don't charge for parking they will pick up more business. As for me, I could care less since I stopped getting a rental car years ago and now take taxis everywhere when I'm in town since I'm mostly sloshed when in Vegas!

Well, being MLife Gold for many years and being Canadian paying if I went today a 45% premium I guess you just don't want me and my money anymore. Guess Hertz suffers too. I always used the valet and I always tipped (even when the service was crap). Now, why tip? Who suffers? MGM Resorts staff and their families. Way to go!

@Blakjackkid Shot in the dark: I'm guessing a number of visitors from California and Nevadans probably have a different opinion.

I don't like this, but for what it's worth, Golden Nugget has been charging for parking for a few years at least. Doesn't make it anymore tolerable, just saying.

I do think this will spread, but I think it will be improved upon over time from the initial proposal. Look for places like Cosmopolitan, Wynn, Trop, and Treasure Island to provide free parking for hotel guests. That will put pressure on the big boys.

I wouldn't be surprised if parking is free with a reservation by maybe 2018?

We locals, otoh, probably deserve this anyway.

I used to think that the problem with "Diamond" Jim Murren was that he wasn't a gambler and he didn't understand Vegas. What I have come to realize, is that Diamond Jim is just like any of us degenerates. He shoved all his chips in on a bad bet with City Center. When, despite his best efforts to fuck it up, he didn't lose everything, he started to feel bulletproof. All of us have been there, that last minute reprieve win that makes us feel like we are playing with house money. Now Diamond Jim is invincible

Build a Multi-million dollar arena on the hope that the NHL will grant an expansion team? Hell yeah why not!!!!
Bank that a mid size city of mostly transplant residence will support a local hockey franchise? Hey it worked great in Phoenix!!!!

Spend millions updating the outside of two properties and building an entertainment complext that will draw people to those properties, but leave those properties in all of there mid 90's glory? Sounds great, maybe we'll have an NSync residency or a saved by the bell exhibit!!

Have an interview on local television where you basically say "fuck you, you ungrateful residence. You should bow down at my feet for providing you a new arena. Quit your bitchin about parking, anywhere else in the country you'd have to pay"!!!!!. Three months later tell those same people they will have to pay after all. Jimbo you've done it again!!!!!!!!

Diamond Jim is the worst kind of gambler, he's convinced himself that he can't lose.

Wonder if Caesars will weigh in with an "ALWAYS FREE PARKING!" campaign or giddily start installing gates and booths themselves.

The real insult is charging overnight guests... so now on top of the resort fee you have a parking fee, easily bringing a 3 night stay to over $100 in ancillary fees for the same experience you could have had fee-less 5+ years ago. I find all these fees insulting, because it is nothing more than an active effort to subvert price comparisons and "tax" those who don't do their homework. If you want to raise, hotel room prices, airfare, etc. fine. Just don't insult me with silly fee games. There's a good startup opportunity for a travel aggregator that tallies up all these fees for a transparent price comparison.

"However, after months of analysis, we believe the rectal tearing and anal leakage will become welcome additions to our overall guest experience."

Fixed it.

@Coach Atlantic City has had parking fees for years.

@toastcmu hey neighbor, I'm from Maryland. Specifically the county the new casino's going to. I have to imagine we'll get the same reaming out. The rest of that complex charges anyway.

I bet the execs will get free parking. Who wants to bet the regular employees will have to pay?


I look forward to the hockey team, and would love an NSync residency. Just saying.

Parking is a third rail for me. I just booked a trip for late January.....I most likely would have considered MC or Vdara, but not a chance with this PGP crap. I ended up booking through Total Rewards at Bally's because of a good rate for a low roller like me.....it feels like they are trying to appreciate my business. I spend more money when I feel appreciated. It is just that feeling that you get when, at least for a few days, all is right with the world and the stars align and bring you to Vegas for a weekend with friends (in my case, friends from high school 40 years ago). Everyone says, you know I am going to cut loose for the weekend.....for me it will quickly end when I get spanked entering the parking garage. Best analogy I can come up with is my two Grandmas......one Grandma was always glad to see you, made your favorite cookies and extra helpings of mashed potatoes and gravy...... just always made you feel loved! My other Grandma was "nice", but did not want us sitting on the furniture (even though it had plastic slip covers) or running in the house......just kind of had that cold feeling. You of course know which Grandma I spent the most time with as I grew up........she really loved having me visit her and I was always glad to see her! Are you listening Caesar's?.......you have the chance to be my loving Grandma (call it re-developing a clientele).......Don't put plastic slip covers on your garages (like MGM is) and not let us park in them. All we really want to do park in your garages, go inside and spend money while having fun.....THAT is good business.

It looks like the PR flack$ havè been taken care of. Both Katz and Reza are $pinning.

Cosmo: no changes planned but always evaluating the business.
Wynn: it would monitor the situation.



I would assume, that since MGM wants to be like the hotels in NYC, LA and Orlando, that they will soon be removing all slots, table games and any other gambling in all Las Vegas hotels, so they can be like the hotels in the cities they listed?

That's the big difference- Once you pay $10 to park in LA or NY, there is no way you'll drop another $20-500 or more at a slot machine or table after having dinner or a show. MGM needs to realize how much extra money they DO get from Vegas patrons.

I have already called them and let them know they will get no money from me anymore in the casinos, shops or restaurants in any of their hotels.

Johnny Katz has turned into a fully owned PR whore, either that or he's just an idiot.

@dpo1013: $10 parking in NYC??? The day I find where in the city they charge that, I will park my car there every day.
Hotels are trying to maximize revenue as much as they can. Some Hilton hotels are now charging a penalty fee for canceling or changing your reservation at any time. Yes, it sucks. But if these trends are adopt by all hotels, what are you going to do? Stay in a hostel?

I enjoy walking. I'll park a few miles away in a residential area and walk to the strip.

In all seriousness, I am done BENDING OVER (you hear me Five Hundy?) and letting these corporations screw me. I don't eat at Domino's, I don't shop at Wal-Mart, and I will not take my business to MGM Resorts any longer. I remember when the Strip was fun. Now, it's $20 hamburgers and $12 beers, tight machines, bad table odds, resort fees, parking fees...
Their BS explanation about tourist locations charging fees doesn't apply when we are parking to go to a CASINO, where odds are against us and we are already throwing $100's into a machine.
Other side go the coin, I can visit a used record store when I stay at the ElCo, eat a nice meal with fresh two fresh beers and a huge plateful of food for $12 at MSS, get better VP odds, and not feel suffocated by cologne and douchebags. Adios, Strip. I hope that others walk the walk, too.

I've never been overly impressed with MGM properties to begin with and this is the nail in the coffin for my visiting one again. We used to eat and gamble at some of the MGM properties but I'm not paying to park to eat or gamble. I'll stick to Downtown and the locals places.

I hope the nickel and dime bean counters ruining Vegas all choke on a rusty bottle cap.

I am interested in knowing their intentions with the MLife program being used to pay for parking...most likely means will have to use express comps to pay for parking...but wait, MGM stopped giving express comps for table players in Vegas...

MGM charging resort fees, parking fees, eliminating express comps for table players, surge pricing, more tight slots, and others. What will be next to de-incentivize players?

Drake said: "Wonder if Caesars will weigh in with an "ALWAYS FREE PARKING!" campaign or giddily start installing gates and booths themselves."

As if those two things are mutually exclusive!

Looks like an opportunity emerging in Vegas. Parking garages. That offer parking for a fee that is less than what the casinos will charge. Capitalism at its finest.

I love the comments from chesteronriver about the Grandma analogy. This is the main issue for me, the removal of "specialness". You want to charge fees because every other big city does so? Vegas should be like every other big city?

I'm a low roller, with about $1k to spend on a trip for gambling. I also come with a binder clip of $60 or more in singles and like to tip everyone. I've changed a hundred for twenties and given the cash lady two bucks, give the buffet seating person a buck, make sure I give the sports betting peeps some tips even on very small bets. I understand others do this as well, but it really makes me feel like I'm playing at a higher level. Only in Vegas do I feel like I have more money than I do. I'll get champagne with brunch, wear a robe, have a cocktail in a tub. When I go to SF and pay $40 a night to park and eat at a nice place, I'm acutely aware of my budgetary limits.

As others have said, the whole point of Vegas is spending money without backing it with rational thought. When I drive the five hours from SD to Vegas, I'm bristling with excitement to play some sports bets and just soak it in. I'm not eager to first be greeted with spending $10 on parking.

granted, adding any new fees sucks, but while everyone is complaining about parking and no longer getting premium booze, and then saying they will take their business downtown and how great it is. Don't most places downtown already pay for parking and serve well booze on the floor?

I love what fudgewapner said. That captured the emotions that only a town like Las Vegas can bring out in someone searching out the dream.
There is more to this announcement. First of all, the general use of the word "paradigm" in an announcement of this nature is not only insulting but it shows a lack of respect for what Las Vegas has meant to many of us as described by fudgewapner.
Also, take a closer look at this statement and read between the lines:

"Visitation to Las Vegas continues to grow as guests come to Las Vegas to experience all we have to offer from a leisure and business perspective," said Mr. Sanders.

He is essentially admitting that casinos on the strip can no longer survive on gambling as their main source of revenue. Even if the tables were full and the machines were 100% utilized, I doubt that the house edge, as expansive as it is, would be enough to make ends meet or begin to pay off the sins of the past.
While I usually don't utilize a car when I am in Las Vegas, they will find a way to charge me for something. Will I still stay on the strip? Sure, especially if I get a crazy rate like the one I just received from Aria. I am like many of us who are being pulled more and more towards downtown, so I find myself spending more time and money there. My advice is that you can still find great stuff on the strip that provides the feeling we are looking for. Don't let the establishment bring you down. History has proven that we will outlast them and that change will forever be a part of Las Vegas. What goes around typically comes around.

^^They use the weasel-word "paradigm" because "tradition" exposes them as the money-sucking pricks they are.

And speaking of weasel-like pronouncements, I just LOVE the assurance that we can still get free parking by "earning privileges through M life."

I'll tell ya what: if free parking is a "privilege" I have to "earn," then forget it. You're supposed to be "earning" my loyalty, you Murren jock-sniffers, not the other way around.

There is now a change.org petition about this as well as a Boycott MGM Facebook page.


Downtown does have paid parking and well drinks. The thing is, most parking fees are waived for hotel guests. In fact, there is one property that will park my car for free and just assume I stay there even though I'm not (because I've been going for so long).

As for the drinks, I'll take what I can get for a $5 hand-held double deck game.

I'll admit, I like to go get fleeced on the Strip once a year. But we've changed our yearly MM trip to the Cosmo five years ago (staying for free at the Gold Coast). I doubt I'll ever stay in an MGM property. I'll never say never, but I'd opt for the Trop or TI if needed.

There are no points that haven't been covered, so I'll just say see you at the Cal real soon.

the boycott facebook page 1800 ppl so far

coming soon to the MyVegas apps - free parking passes for a night. It'll be in the same tab as the "one year of free monorail rides" for 1,000,000 pts

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