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Wynn Building Strip Facing Fountain Show

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 13th January 2016 12:03pm
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Wynn Fountain Show Map

Wynn Las Vegas has drained the lake outside of the Wynn Esplanade and have installed a massive array of movable jets and lights in the center of the small lake.

Wynn Fountain Show Tree

The fountain show is located on the corner of Desert Inn/Sands Ave and The Strip, facing

Palazzo, Fashion Show Mall and the forthcoming ālon resort.

Wynn Fountain Show Bridge

Steve Wynn, CEO and Chairman of Wynn Resorts, owner of Wynn Las Vegas, created the modern dancing fountains water show when he opened Bellagio in 1998.

It is pretty obvious that The Steve misses the great fountain show he created at Bellagio. He created another fountain display - one that includes jets of fire - outside of Wynn Macau in 2007. The forthcoming Wynn Palace property in the Cotai Strip of Macau will also have a prominent water feature.

Wynn Fountain Show Jets

The jets and lights they've installed appear to be have cams and motors - they are not stationary. I eagerly await all manner of the dick jokes in the comment section.

New Wynn Fountains Lights

It looks like there are two large concentric rings of jets, with a cluster of jets in the middle set atop a podium. Three rings of lights, set lower into the water, ring the podium.

Wynn Fountain Show 1

The addition of a fountain show outside of Wynn, ties in perfectly with other tips VT has received that the entire Strip-side frontage of Wynn will be re-imagined with a newly constructed dining, shopping and entertainment promenade and a bridge to ālon.

Steve is on the move!

Big huge thanks to VT reader Phil for the tip!

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Comments & Discussion:

Another fountain show? I'm happy to see it come in. (Or is it happy to see me?)

Serious question: I wonder if this show will have the massive jets that make Bellagio's productions so memorable. Doesn't look like it will from the photos.

It will be a show as noteworthy as the Bellagio Bukake. The Steves massive nozzels spewing forth gallons of liquid in front of the Wynn. I hope the new show is connected to the Lake of Dreams! Imagine Steve's multicolored balls floating down his canal from The Lake of Dreams as the music plays, then his mighty fountain head squirting while his multicolored balls move too and fro in front of the Esplanade.

Looks like the set of my last movie.

Sorry, but I lost all respect for Wynn when he said China was a better country to do business in than the US. He's a traitor to America, and I for one will never again spend a $ in any of his casinos or hotels.

It could just be a big Toto Washlet bidet taint scrubber for the folks leaving The Beach Club -- Le Douche pour las Douches, as it were.

This will be really cool, well as long as the undesirables don't decide to then venture into the hotel after watching like at Bellagio. Now if he could just get rid of that damn beach club!

I'm having a little trouble placing this. I frequently walk from Palazzo, over the bridge, and into Wynn via the Esplanade entrance next to Brioni. Where is the new water feature?

You can't compare this to Bellagio, but I can't wait to see it!

I can already hear Claire de Lune...

Fashion Square Mall? Did they rename Fashion Show Mall or did I misread that?

Should be quite an...eruption on liquids.

More seriously, is he going to add more sidewalk space? There isn't much standing room there. Looks like this will be a somewhat more condensed show than Bellagio's with some more dynamic movement of the water jets..and probably some fire to.

With alon stealing top brass from Wynn, I hope they charge extra for fountain view rooms. You know, just to add insult to injury.

cschoony - my goof. thanks for noting it.


Maybe it'll have more modern pulse jets to go with the oontz, oontz, oontz

One more thing that will distant Wynn Las Vegas from one of its initial concept. If I recall, Wynn Las Vegas was built to be enjoyed from the inside, as opposed to other hotels (the Mirage, Treasure Island, and Bellagio) which have (in the case of TI - used to have) a main attraction to call the attention of outside bystanders.

Sorry, I meant to type "will distance".

Dick jokes, nothing but dick jokes

Rumor watch, CET just announced they are upgrading their fountains to now have a nightly show at the entrance to the port couch-ere. Naughtius Maximus presents the fountains of Biggest Dickous. Omnia nightclub guests can purchase upgraded table seating with premium views of upgraded fountains and bottle service.

will go well with the bridge to the hole in the ground where Alon never ends up getting built

This is very much a backdown from Wynn's initial idea. He built the mountain because he was sick of creating a positive externality for other hotels (i.e. book a room with a view of another hotel's spectacular attraction!), and so wanted to have people come inside his property in order to enjoy the Lake of Dreams.

That said, this is a small fountain show... think of it more as a "teaser" than a full public spectacle.

Anyway, this won't make me more likely to stay or play at Wynn. First, the interior is too "Willy Wonka's Version Of Bellagio" for me, and Wynn's gambling conditions and comps are tighter than MGM's (yes, I hate how MGM are now moving to 6:5 on any sub-$25 blackjack, but at least they have good rules at $25+ (at least before swing shift) and don't cut the craps odds). Encore Las Vegas, IMO, looked better than Wynn did, but now they're gutting it and whoring it out.

If I want to play at a Wynn, I'll do Macau.

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