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Venetian Offers "The Smart Plan" Bundle Of Fees

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 5th January 2016 1:37pm
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The fine folks at the Venetian and Palazzo know how much you love paying extra fees, so they've decided to offer guests the option to opt into a new bundle of fees called "The Smart Plan."

These fees are on top of the existing $30/night (plus tax) resort fees.

Let's look at this by bullet point:

1) Early check in, some folks need this... instead of it being a service, it is now a profit center. I've just gone to check what MGM charges for these, but the booking engine on their brand new websites is FUBAR.

2) This could be profitable.

3) Stream HD content. Hahahahaha.... an upgraded wifi, because the one that comes with your resort fee is balls.

4) Per day! Could be maximized... "can I have a sextuple shot, breve, no foam, extra hot, extra large flat white?"

5) aka "the internet"

Enticing... but I'll keep my extra $40 per night, thank you Sheldon.

Big thanks to JohnH for the tip!

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Comments & Discussion:

For my convenience I will let MGM continue to rape, I mean treat me right, with Profit Growth Plan.

This is fucking nuts. Even if the hotel is empty, and I arrive at 10AM, they won't give me my room because I didn't buy the smart plan?

I'm going to come to Vegas and want to download thousands of top newspapers?

When, if ever, will visitors to LVS and MGM revolt?

Ha! Yet another example of the corporate marketing folks trying to dupe the average joes into buying something that used to be free. All the while trying to convince us its a luxury offering. Someone please share what salesspeak they give their 'service ambassadors' to use for selling this crap at checkin.

Boy I hope other hotel companies don't start trying this crap. It's always nice to be able to call ahead and let them know I'll be early/late and hear "No problem". Why does Motel 6 give better service?

I guess the regular $30/day resort fee is just "The Screwed Plan" then.

What a joke.

Early check in...charging for it. Fools
Stream HD Content? Like I go to Vegas for that. I do not even have cable TV anymore.
2 coffees? I will pass. Im a under 40 guy...energy drinks is what we drink. Don't believe me go so a younger persons house odds are they dont even own a coffee pot.
Unlimited downloads of newspapers? Get my news from Drudge. Judging by there 700 million hits a month most do as well.

The only thing remotely attractive is 50% off drinks. Thats it.

This is great news! Now I can save even more money by staying elsewhere.

This is definitely just another bad idea by a corporation looking to maximize it's profits, I would agree that 50% off drinks might be enticing, but as we know a rum and coke or a budweiser is likely $12, so half off still sucks, but if you usually buy drinks at these places, I suppose it could make some sense.

And keep in mind that the regular $30 resort fee already includes two free coffees at Cafe Presse, so this is the coffee upgrade plan. Or I can get two coffees AND two lattes? Luxurious. Resort fee also has a 2 for 1 drink coupon, which (SOMEONE CHECK MY MATH) is the same as 50% off, only difference is you get one coupon for the stay instead of unlimited 50% off for the bottom shelf at the overpriced casino bars.

The correct charge for early check-in remains a smile and an ask nicely, and I'm still batting about .900 at strip hotels on that one.

This list of extras would make a great giveaway coupon book.

Bally's also offers this early check in fee but may be waived for any reason. I had tipped for an upgrade and it was not mentioned. Another person on the trip waited rather than paying it. Daily room cleaning will be the next 'premium service' with a fee attached.

Well, maybe "great" is too strong a word. "Average giveaway coupon book" might be more accurate.

For $40 you'd think they'd at least throw in a copy of the Judge Gonzalez investigation that the Review Journal was forced to do by the new owners.
Maybe that's part of the unlimited top newspaper downloads.

1) Early check in has some value to me, but tipping the bell desk to hold my luggage is still cheaper.
2) 50% off casino drinks is more expensive or less expensive than buying liquor at CVS? (Less, I'd think.)
3) Again, upgraded WiFi has some value, if I'm a hard-core live-sports bettor, but everything else will be on the DVR when I get home.
4) What's a coffee?
5) I'm only the second person to note LVS' interest in newspapers now that they OWN one.

As much as I hate Adelson and his politics, I have to defend his company's attempt to extract as much dough as possible from his hotel guests since it is after-all a publicly traded company and is responsible in a free-market system like ours to make as much money as possible for himself and his shareholders. I would highly recommend turning down the "Smart Plan" if you're smart but it is still a relatively free country and consumers are free to choose where and how to spend their hard-earned dollars.

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